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Dr. Craig Weiner, DC, Director, The Chiropractic Zone Healing Center 

Dr. Craig Weiner, D.C. has been immersed in the healing arts for over twenty five years. His journey has taken him through a professional labyrinth of health care professional paradigms and has been a practicing chiropractic physician for the past two decades. His passion as an educator, teacher and workshop leader has woven him into the worlds of private practice, consulting on corporate wellness training, and producer of mind-body events and conferences throughout California and Washington.

He is an internationally known lecturer, author, and radio guest host, a certified Right Brain Aerobics Trainer. His explorations and studies in the fields of brain Neuroplasticity and life-changing mind focusing practices have made him a sought after speaker and educator. He is the creator of the Transformational Dialogues, a four year ongoing series of life changing presentations with world change-agents that have received accolades from both guest presenters and audience participants. He is a certified Right Brain Aerobics Trainer and is working closely with the developer of Right Brain Aerobics, Sandra Rodman to further develop the RBA Coaching and Train the Trainer certifications. 

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Langely, WA

Thomas J. Rodman, C.A.D.C., M.A., Psychology of the Creative Process, New School for Social Research. Trainer and Therapist. In Memoriam

See our Tribute to Tom Rodman, who's thoughts and wise understanding of Right Brain Aerobics contributed greatly in this half decade.  In Memoriam.  35 years in clinical programming in chemical dependency treatment including staff supervision, direction of inpatient and outpatient treatment models in various institutional settings.  He is an expert in staff training in methodology of behavior modification in the therapeutic community and cognitive-behavioral models for utilization in all models of treatment. In addition, Tom developed and directed trainings in counseling competencies for clinical supervision, treatment alliance, treatment planning, counseling philosophy and methods--and provided consultation in correctional settings and community-based programs in therapeutic community dynamics as well as in milieu development.  Masters degree in social sciences from the New School for Social Research in l988 focusing on the psychology of creative process as expressed in artistic and intellectual achievement.  Has been a highly valued Right Brain Aerobics advisor and trainer specializing in RBA applications to addictions counseling and supervision. 

Contact: 630-707-8706 - Email
Chicago Region

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