Saturday, September 19, 2015

"Creative Employee Engagement Gets Down to One Thing: Employees Feel It's THEIR Company to Build"

"Creative Employee Engagement Gets Down to One Thing: Employees Feel It's THEIR Company to Build"

(c) 2015 Sandra H. Rodman, CEO/Founder, Right Brain Aerobics
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Test: of  New Article

Employee engagement being at around 30% -- indicated in many articles in the last few years -- good indicator that most employees feel no sense of partnership, of ownership in the success of the company. And that's how they work. Shouldn't 30% be an indicator of level of management/ownership success, too?  

Why not change that completely with one point on an employee engagement checklist: How can you make employees feel it's their company to build?  

What new business successes and great surprises would happen if that were a firm-wide initiative? Let's try it... It's a crazy idea - but so were most of today's models and inventions when they began.

5 Ways highest employee engagement could result in much greater business success in surprising ways:

1. EMPLOYEE PARTNER COWORKERS 110% ENGAGED: Employees who feel a lot like owners, partners, family -- who feel it's their mission; who feel their pride is not only recognized but truly matters - can become not just engaged but 110% engaged. Creativity, innovation, affirmative environments, productivity -- yowza client service -- can go up proportionally.
2. MANAGEMENT/OWNERSHIP 110% ENGAGED: Management and ownership designed around that model have to get creative! But they will also begin to feel 110% engaged - even if they have to share a lot more of the glory, the recognition, the financial success. But they will find a new success: Greater happiness at work; likely much higher and more sustainable long-term overall bottom line. And incredible boost in employee recruiting and retention -- of the best, most creative employees.

A creatively engaged partner coworkers milieu is a whole new kind of success. True 1000 Year Business Thinking.  
Companies with happy engaged partner-coworkers will be more creative. There will be fewer personnel or personal problems to handle -- less stress and thus fewer health issues. The recruiting/retention cost savings, loss of company skill/knowledge base and cost of retraining with high turnover -- could be reversed.

4. CLIENTS 110% ENGAGED/HAPPIER. Companies with 110% creative employee (partner coworker) engagement -- and even higher management/ownership happiness -- will find that it spills over with clients. It's contageious. Clients will begin to feel more 110% engaged! More reach out to clients to find out how they can feel more like this is "their company too." This can also impact the bottom line in new ways.

5. CREATIVE INNOVATION/PRODUCTIVITY INCREASED - NEW IDEA GENERATION. Companies with 110% creative employee engagement will find creative, innovative ideas -- as well as creative productivity -- sprouting constantly. To encourage this -- as well as greater recognition -- companies need a way to capture those ideas and feed them back to the whole company; software programs that capture and circulate creative employee ideas can change the "participatory" sense of the environment. 

When we're doing Right Brain Aerobics for Creativity & Innovation organizational training -- the number of new ideas generated can soar -- indicating all employees have creative, pent up ideas with nowhere to go! Let them go somewhere, recognize and pull for employee creative genius -- and you'll get it. As well as much higher employee sense of partner-coworker engagement. Shoot for 110% creative engagement - not just improving the current 30% a little.

Why not do this with clients, too? BUT -- 

Thursday, September 17, 2015

"Lost Genius Identity: Find Out Who You Are with Deep Right Brain Exercise"

Starting up your "Right Brain" is like tapping into a
giant network of creative higher intelligence. Who knew?

"Lost Genius Identity: Find Out Who You Are with Deep Right Brain Exercise" (Instructions and Audio exercise included. Start right now!)

(c) 2015 Sandra H. Rodman, CEO/Founder, Right Brain Aerobics
Yes, a new RBA Web Learning Portal is coming soon.
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One new creative idea gleaned from this one Right Brain Aerobics innovative thinking/deep mind exercise could be worth $millions. Then you remember that you could have many of these every day. Yowza.

4 Ways you know for sure that you may have lost-creative-genius:

  1. You are not putting your own genius-creative-thinking-time on the calendar! (No one does, unless they've been through Right Brain Aerobics and discovered what happens.)   
  2. Creative genius ideas occasionally pop up when you're in the shower or walking or even driving somewhere; waiting in line. Why? This is the only time you open up for "right brain" or "creative thinking" downloads-- "Free Time" when you give yourself permission to let your mind wander.
  3. You often feel "stuck" -- or aren't happy when the next step is to generate a new creative idea--but your new ideas still sound mostly like your old ideas. Derivative. You don't go "aha!"
  4. You don't meditate or engage in contemplative time. Or you do but aren't enjoying it. 
(Meditative "right brain" time in this case means "alpha mind state" -- your eyes are closed but you're focused and awake -- with no particular agenda. Or you are painting or crafting or playing a musical instrument, etc. If you start allocating "brain time" to this, you're going to get some real surprises. Your lost creative genius identity is backed up with downloads.)

Instructions to Start Discovering Lost Creative Genius Right Now. Don't wait. You'll be happy you did this.  

1. Goal for your Left Brain: This is for work -- so it's productive business time; but it will also impact positive energy, creativity, health, empathy, compassion, insight, and relationships.

2. How do I know this is going to result in your "finding out who you are" in deeper mind/brain states?
There is nothing you can do to prevent this once you enter deeper "alpha" mind/brain states with an open creative mind. Once you put higher creative intelligence "on the calendar."  What a discovery; am still furious that no one taught me how to do this in elementary school. Criminal.
Discovered accidentally! What happens when one does deep right brain sound meditations daily. My brain exploded with new "aha's!" books that seemed already written, and importantly: Insight into who I really am.  
Important: I was in my 60's when I discovered how to do this, so I know that anyone can learn to do it at any age. 
This is a skill you are born with; deep inner creative genius is a calendar issue -- not a genetics issue. You have this ability. You don't need any pills, technology, plants, or counseling. You have an "inner counselor." So let's get started.
The Test: I saw this work with others? I started teaching Right Brain Aerobics (the curriculum to teach this "popped in" full blown, into my mind during a deep sound meditation) -- have been doing this for a decade all over the U.S. So I can tell you after seeing hundreds go through this experientially, everyone can do this. Everyone can begin to discover a kind of "hidden intelligence," 
You find out who you are with a quick swash of the calendar: Allocate time to your genius and you will discover a "plane" of your own genius previously hidden. 
Right Brain Start Up Instructions: 

A short Right Brain Aerobics creativity & innovation exercise--from the 7 RBA Components-at-a-Glance for activating higher creative/innovative intelligence. Allocate a few minutes here for your "higher self." Do you have a "higher self" and lost-genius-identity? Yowza. 
I ALREADY had a successful executive career in innovation and technology strategy in major corporations before I learned how to do this; these steps can start to shift an already-high-creative mind into hidden Overdrive. I had also in my 30's meditated with instruction -- but the effect wasn't really like this. This deep Right Brain (by this we mean creative-intuitive-non-local advanced consciousness mind) meditation caused "aha's!" on a regular basis. This was different.
It is the insight, the "lost genius identity" discovery -- wow!  Really: Wow! In my 70's, I'm having the most exciting adventure of my life! And it was a pretty exciting previous 60 years -- so this must be really exciting... Here's more about "5 Ways Right Brain Aerobics Training Can Improve Innovation, Creativity, Entrepreneurial & Startup Leadership"
Bonus: If you practice some of these exercises, you'll be eligible to try some of the "advanced" exercises and even crazy ideas like Remote Viewing Problem Solving (or past lives) or extraterrestrial communication. Think this is impossible? Think again. Just want to have a way to "pop up" aha! ideas all the time or have less stress and be in a better mood? That's easy.
Now do the exercise: -- 

Friday, August 7, 2015

Treasure Hunt: 5 Steps to Use Failing in Order to Thrive & Creatively Boost Your Career!

Find and cheer the gift, the treasures, the creative potential in
every situation! Photo: iStock

5 Steps -- to Use Failing in Order to Thrive & Creatively Boost Your Career. Make it a Treasure Hunt.

Basic Right Brain Aerobics technique to tap higher creative intelligence & more innovative-intuitive thinking: FIND THE GIFT, the treasure, the core life lesson, in every circumstance, every relationship, every minute!

Think -- find the "creative opportunity" even in what appears at first failure, exercising Creative Higher Intelligence mind states and exercises with sound = tap higher mind.

Everything Is a Success -- in one sense or another! Every situation, every minute, is a University of Lessons. 

If you've had big knocks -- you're in Grad School and may soon get your Ph.D.

These are easy steps -- but powerful steps taught for more than a decade, using alpha mind (intuitive, creative, innovative, meditative) to do to turn things around and energize. Even transform any situation creatively.



Photo: iStock

1. Get in Right Brain State (always do this first to creatively harvest ideas/lessons for any problem or new project): Here's an exercise from Right Brain Aerobics for Business:

Photo: iStock

AUDIO EXERCISE: Do a Right Brain Start Up for creative ideas (S.H. Rodman) -- you're going into "alpha" hz brain states to access a more creative and appreciative side of your higher intelligence. Close your eyes, have pen, paper, and some water handy. Take about 10-15 minutes. Change your life -- you can use this exercise for any situation. 

The sound playing behind the guided audio exercise is Steve Halpern's Grammy Nominated "Deep Alpha: Brainwave Synchronization -- thanks to Steve for the use! Go buy his MP3 or Album and you can bliss out in the Creative Zone for work & deep meditative-intuitive-creative state, anytime.

Now for the Right Brain Exercise -- just as in a Right Brain Aerobics workshop -- do it and watch new ideas sprout wings... --

Sunday, April 26, 2015

Is Innovation in YOUR Mind Only? Or Tapping a Collective Inner Genius?

Innovation is a network of collective inner genius creation which has found its champion. Its sponsor. Its speaker. Its Voice.
Innovation isn't in your mind only -- is it tapping the genius of a "collective unconscious"?... It's only "the new new thing" if it's the "new new thing" to most other people...

Innovation may really be tapping into a "cooperative collective consciousness," an intelligence gestalt which is created together.....

But how we tap that -- is both possible and mysterious...!

The best champions, the heralds of that boundless "inner-networked creativity" coming into socially creative breakthrough forms -- are usually evolving New Minds, too, minds that "see different." And connect us to an advanced stage of this "inner cosmic networking" that later appears as Innovation. But -- 

Thursday, February 26, 2015

Can You Become Your Own Right Brain Think Tank? 4 Keys


Thought Challenge: 

Can you unleash different kinds of creative-intuitive-quantum-leap mind instincts every day using the mind in new creative ways instead of one way? 

Can you (metaphorically) become, your own "right brain think tank" every day...? We do this in Right Brain Aerobics, but you can start to do it on your own using lots of resources, by just recognizing 4 Keys -- and try our Audio File to jump start the process.

Stereo Mind/Brain Power
First Rev Up More "Right Brain" (metaphorical) Creative-Intuitive Mind Power
and Easily Switching/Integrating with Your More Regularly Used Logical-Linear-Step-by-Step "Left Brain" (metaphorical) Mind Power. Image Credit, S.H. Rodman

Key 1. 

The Power of Knowing You Have More Than One Mind/Brain State -- and developing the lesser used creative-intuitive/quantum-leap state  (metaphorically more right brain) to integrate with the more logical ) mind skills (metaphorically more left brain) 

When You Start Thinking, Ask Where Am I Going? 

You use the mind/brain in primarily one way: Logical linear step-by-step problem-solving with the same old ideas repackaged sparked anew with new logical tips/books you like. Metaphorically -- left brain. So when you tend to get the same ideas, you might feel better with a new tip -- but know at some level: There is more! I did this for 60+ years & I was known as an innovator who had way more "aha! ideas" than most, but I didn't know how I got there and how to repeat it on call.

Ah. But this linear thinking process didn't compare at all with what popped up seemingly "out of the blue" when I accidentally discovered how to use different mind-brain states (metaphorically more "right brain," deeply relaxed focused creative mind) to produce different thoughts/ideas/symbols that had never occurred to me at all!

This can startle you -- and foster ideas crazy new ideas "out of the blue" and it was repeatable. I could call on this state as an extra "mind power" resource every day. I started to think that "awareness" or knowing that I had more than one mind/brain state and using both -- was a powerful "key" to change my creativity and my life.  This new territory, it turns out, was a "yowza!" New places to go for answers using the mind differently! Whoa!