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Right Brain Blogs -- want to look at the actual "chapter titles" for each blog in Chronological Order -- like the Chapters of a Blog Book -- instead of looking at archives by date? Interesting and can spark your own ideas for new blogs & content.
Produced by Right Brain Aerobics and Sandra H. Rodman, and RBA Certified Trainer, Dr. Craig Weiner, D.C. See also Right Brain Counseling Blogs with Maya Hennessey -- as well as Thomas J. Rodman, in memoriam.
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To begin at the beginning of this "book of blogs" -- read from the bottom, beginning June 2012, "Welcome to the Coming Age of the Right Brain." Or just dive in by looking at titles!

Blog Book Chapters (Read like a book by beginning with the first one at the bottom)

9-17-15 "Lost Genius Identity: Find Out Who You Are With Deep Right Brain Exercise" - by Sandra H. Rodman. Guided Audio Exercise/Instructions Included.

8-7-15 -- "Treasure Hunt: 5 Steps to Use Failing in Order to Thrive & Creatively Boost Your Career!" - by Sandra H. Rodman

4-26-15 -- "Is Innovation in YOUR Mind Only? Or Tapping a Collective Inner Genius?" By Sandra H. Rodman

2-23-15 -- "Can You Become Your Own Right Brain Think Tank? 4 Keys..." Plus Audio File for "Right Brain Start Up," By Sandra H. Rodman

6-25-14 -- "Is 'Home' Your Office Workspace? Then Jump-Start Your Creative Thinking There!" by Sandra H. Rodman

Sept. 2013 "Right Brain Aerobics: For the Creativity & Innovation Learning Portal of the Information Technology Senior Management Forum" by Sandra H. Rodman

7-26-13 -- "3 Tips for Creative Decision-Making to Change Life & Career," by Sandra H. Rodman

4-15-13 -- "3 Lessons: How We May Be Impeding Kids from Healthier Creative Minds & What We Can Do about It" by Sandra H. Rodman

3-12-13 -- "5 Creative Reasons to Stop Doing What You're Doing Right Now!" by Sandra H. Rodman

2-24-13 -- "3 Right Brain Learning Tips: Doodle, Color, and Grow Wiser," by Sandra H. Rodman

2-4-13 -- "Teaching Impossible Things: A Right Brainy Kind of Day...", by Dr. Craig Weiner, D.C, Guest Blogger.

12-29-12 - "10 Things You CAN Take with You: Compassionate Innovation for a New Era" by Sandra H. Rodman

9-29-12 -- "Unexpected Results When Beginning Transformational Dialogues with Right Brain Start Up"  by Dr. Craig Weiner, D.C. - Guest Blogger

9-20-12 -- "Whole Brain Organizations: Pulling for Genius at All Levels?" by Sandra H. Rodman

8-22-12 -- "Twitter Show & Tell: Right Brain Business Exploring" by Sandra H. Rodman

8-14-12 - "3 Qualities of Right Brain Leadership" by Sandra H. Rodman

8-9-12 -- "Right Brain Aerobics Classes + DrewsList & Amazing Whidbey Island" by Sandra H. Rodman

8-6-12 --  "Right Brain Sound Journey: Inspiring Higher Intelligence" by Sandra H. Rodman

7-23-12 -- "Can FutureThink Impact Our Careers?" by Sandra H. Rodman

7-23-12 -- Thinking Challenge 2: "Careers of Reinvention: Technology, Society, Values" by Sandra H. Rodman

7-18-12 -- Thinking Challenge: "Are a Society's Values Reflected in Its Technology: Can We Reinvent?" by Sandra H. Rodman

7-16-12 --  "Big Thinkers Challenge #1: Landill Planet vs. The New-Model-a-Month Club" by Sandra H. Rodman.  What happens when we're not in our "right" minds?

7-11-12 --  "Can Modern Right Brain Languaging Transform Modern Careers?" by Sandra H. Rodman

7-9-12 -- "7 Principles Applying Right Brain Thinking to Counseling and Understanding Self-Trust" by Thomas J. Rodman, C.A.D.C., M.A., Psychology of the Creative Process, New School for Social Research - Guest Blogger

7-1-12 -- "3 Right Brain Tips -- Use It or Lose It" by Sandra H. Rodman 

6-30-12 -- "It's Not about Left Brain / Right Brain Labels but Rapid Development of Multidimensional Intelligence"  by Sandra H. Rodman

Welcome -- Opening Blog

6-27-12 -- " the Coming Age of the Right Brain..." by Sandra H. Rodman

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