Sunday, July 1, 2012

3 Right Brain Tips. Use It or Lose It!

By Sandra H. Rodman
CEO, Right Brain Aerobics
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First:  If you want to see the June Introductory Blog for this series on Right Brain Thinking, see ARCHIVE, lower right column for "The Coming Age of the Right Brain" -- and "It's Not about Left Brain / RIght Brain Labels But Rapid Development of Multidimensional Intelligence"

Right brain thinking emerges from simple, but surprisingly powerful steps. Right brain exercise techniques are most often “stress reduction techniques” as well.  What is surprising is the number of “ah hah” moments – inner genius that suddenly appears when you shift to right brain mode, taking a “time out from the left brain.”  This can mean surprising new ideas – even for tough business and personal problems -- when you start accessing right brain states.  Discovery in non-linear action. So here are 3 simple ways to shift your mental/conscious awareness and life-skills terrain, and you also improve health and happiness. Try this for 3 days and watch what happens…!

1. Take "time outs" for movement and a right brain refresh.

Do NOT sit at a computer/pad/mobile device for hours on end in one position. Set a specific time to stop or you won’t stop.  Take a refreshing mental-and-movement "break," if you don't want to suffer from "small screen mind" -- or stiff joints, carpal tunnel - in effect, carpal tunnel/repetitive stress on the brain. If you want more "movement" in your life, create a “right brain cue” by replicating this symbol with physical and mental “movement.” Relax-walk-think for a break.  New ideas will come.  Einstein liked pacing, playing the violin, or hiking – that’s when his best ideas came.  In 21st century stress, this could be health saving as well!

2. Do a Right Brain Start Up Exercise Several Times a Day

Do “Right Brain Start Up” from Right Brain Aerobics, any time anywhere to reboot mentally and physically.  Do several times a day and watch mental acumen shift, creative “out of the blue” ideas start to pop up.  Teach family and friends to do it. It can improve health with oxygenation, hydration, positive thinking, stress reduction, lower blood pressure – with increased right brain activity.  Click here and start now. Just follow the instructions!

3. Get more sleep (brain processing time) every night.

Sleep late more often! + Put a notebook and pen by the bed.  The brain processes at night and the imaginative right brain is ready to "check in" in the morning with new ideas and inspiration.  The “sleeping brain” is actually at work!  We regularly interrupt powerful brain processing that is key to career achievement -- by getting less than 7-8 hours of sleep.  Or we don't pay attention to the morning read out!  If you write/journal brain output in the morning (don’t use electronics, you need a brain-break from that) – it “pulls for” more reports the next day, habituating the process.


Getting more sleep, doing a Right Brain Start Up, and journaling your innovative insights in the morning -- will change health and mood, “pull for” more “inner genius” every day habitually.  This is career-accelerating and relationship-changing stuff in small tidbits.  I’ve lived it and agree that… 

“A notepad by the bedside accounts for half the earnings of my livelihood.”
-- Ever Garrison

-- Sandra H. Rodman

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(c) 2012, Sandra H. Rodman. Photo Credits: 1,, 2, S.H. Rodman

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