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Big Thinkers Challenge #1: Land Fill Planet vs. The New-Model-a-Month Club

by Sandra H. Rodman
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What Happens When We're Not in Our Right Minds...Yet!

"Begin as if you will finish. Let the story be told that you had the courage to begin." -- Mary Anne Radmacher 
We seem to think we're in a creativity-and-innovation crisis because that's what we read.  You'd think we were inventing nothing new.  This depends a lot on where you sit in the Timeline of Human History and whether or not you're from this Planet...

Herstorians/Historians of 4012 might think we had a crisis of a different kind:  TOO MUCH creativity and innovation of non-biodegradable, non-organic, non-repurposeful plastic-electronic, mind-shrinking junk toys for landfills.  Those from another planet visiting might say to us:  "What were you thinking?#!?" as we try to export our New-Model Model of Garbage Landfill Business to the Moon and Mars.

While we might say to ourselves, Yes, Well, it IS too bad that we trashed the planet with trash, but what was I to do?  I have to communicate!  And I can't do it without the new Model 27! I'll be offline.  Out of business!  But those in 4012, they might wish we had shipped our creativity to the Moon instead of our garbage!

But wait: Isn't this then, the greatest opportunity we've had yet?  To look at how to create more "right brain" technology in a new way -- using right brain thinking which is more than creativity; it is long-range thinking, collaborative and cooperative, intuitive and compassionate "big picture thinking," seeing the whole, pattern recognition at higher levels of intelligence.  Perhaps this is a turning-point- time in technology and industrialization.  We've got to come up with something besides a new model that's obsolete in a week.  Let's earn the admiration from citizens 100, 1000, 10,000 years from now - about how we were the ones who transformed a new-model-a-month technology into something new and transformed  "landfill planet" forever!

Maybe eBay Is the Ultimate Recycling Program?

A universal celebration and benchmark in human species history will occur when we have our first going-out-of-business sale: For Landfill.  Get your Landfill products now, while they last!  Or:  The last landfill product going on eBay for $1 Gazillion.  Wait a minute --

Maybe eBay is the ultimate recycling program?!  Maybe eBay and Thrift Stores everywhere should be receiving Government Subsidies.  Creating millions of jobs!

But we're not in our right mind...yet. Time for "right brain" innovation -- with the future impact of every "new model" in mind. Where are we going?  Who benefits long-term as well as short-term?  How are different geographies and aquifers and climates affected? Having spent decades in technology/innovation, I have high hope that we might transform our gadgets organically -- before the gadgets transform us organically...

Isn't it time to make things that are better for us and longer-visioned?  Communicating globally is great -- but do we need to models to read that communication, every month?  It's new models that lead the headlines about what we're doing with technology as a species, with little mention of their long-term implications.  We can rethink the "gadget focus" and perhaps recapture the focus of our children -- directing them to much larger visions, beyond a new model of smartphone and into how we excel as a technical and compassionate human society.  We can do better...

We need to make better memories for our children... 

And rethink how we innovate...and its long term implications.  We need to "see" using the brain differently -- imagining our role in "the long view." We are, right now, making or eliminating opportunities for those who'll come in 4012.  We're living with decisions made by people 10,000 years ago when agriculture began; and we got shorter and less long-lived.  

By our daily choices with non-organic and organic technology we set the course of the human history long before it arrives

"It's not so much how busy you are, but why you are busy. ..." -- Catherine O'Hara.

The good news is our New-Model-a-Month-Club is going so fast we can actually see the pattern better now and understand it.  Product/electronics model change used to run much slower -- but from 5-10 mph it's now going 300 mph -- exponentially changing every product that the technology needed to read/see it -- before we really have time to use it!

Stop!  I didn't even have time to use the product! Don't make a new one yet! Help!

You know, if a new model or program is produced faster than we have time to use it - why produce them?  That kind of critical thinking is already occurring to some.  Rather than debate environment-vs-new-technology -- why not find new common ground and "invent" in that space?

Well I'm not sure we can help ourselves -- yet.  So we have to find a new focus for the new-model-a-minute-mind...or train a new mind...

When an Irresistible Force Meets an Immovable Object...

When an Irresistible Force (Human creative genius making and playing with new models of "stuff" every day) Meets an Immovable Object (Mountains of New Model and Electronics Garbage vaster than the Himalayas, unusuable and/or toxic): SOMETHING'S GOTTA GIVE.

It's not going to be human creative genius.  In fact it's getting stronger -- human intuition and innovating thinking is bursting at the seams to go somewhere new.  Therefore:  Mountains of Garbage and the New-Model-a-Month-Club have to give.

So: Turn human creative genius with nowhere new to go and no jobs -- onto the project of creative healthy dematerialization of the Mountains of Garbage New-Model-a-Month Model.

Make a gazillion.  Perhaps save the planet and make us better at being human. THAT's an exciting new model!

Maybe the Best "New Trend" Innovation Business to Be in Is the Garbage Business

Opportunities galore -- and likely not best solved by voluminous iterations of old-paradigm technology (nothing that would mean more new models of garbage-dematerialization-biodegrading machines too)!!

Maybe we don't need a new iPhone just yet. Maybe we need a new iMind first...

If you "invent" a way to pause -- shift to a higher intelligence gobal-mind view -- create ways to get rid of the "stuff" cleanly that we're tossing as it's outmoded  -- using an organic, biodegradable, non-toxic, non-nuclear, right-brain-technology or-non-technology (egad!) global solution...; or better, figure out how to prevent the only-headed-for-the-landfill products from being made and figuring out what's essential...: you'll make past definitions of shared wealth irrelevant. You'll create new job industries.  If you do it with compassion and a loving human spirit that seeks to benefit every single human being in every culture, improving all life systems simultaneously on the planet: You make past definitions of human seem irrelevant. 

How about an X Prize for that?

Why isn't it being discussed?  Because we're not in our right minds...yet!  And we need to get there.  We're about to head into space colonization and space solutions. Do we want space to be as polluted as our oceans? 

See where your garbage is going...on Midway Island, a couple of thousand miles from the nearest continent, in the amazing photographs of Charles Jordan

We can do better. We can think better.  We can innovate better.  We can be better at being human.

The Mind Business...

Maybe the industry of the next 50 years will turn out to be not the Garbage Business after all -- but the mind business.  

At least that's what I'm thinking here at Right Brain Aerobics labs... 

     "The empires of the future are the empires of the mind." -- Winston Churchill 

Sandra H. Rodman

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Stay tuned for Part II: The UnManufacturing Solution & The Ultimate Green Machine (It isn't what you think)

(c) 2012, S.H. Rodman, Photo Credit: NASA APOD.

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