Sunday, April 26, 2015

Is Innovation in YOUR Mind Only? Or Tapping a Collective Inner Genius?

Innovation is a network of collective inner genius creation which has found its champion. Its sponsor. Its speaker. Its Voice.
Innovation isn't in your mind only -- is it tapping the genius of a "collective unconscious"?... It's only "the new new thing" if it's the "new new thing" to most other people...

Innovation may really be tapping into a "cooperative collective consciousness," an intelligence gestalt which is created together.....

But how we tap that -- is both possible and mysterious...!

The best champions, the heralds of that boundless "inner-networked creativity" coming into socially creative breakthrough forms -- are usually evolving New Minds, too, minds that "see different." And connect us to an advanced stage of this "inner cosmic networking" that later appears as Innovation. But --