Tuesday, March 12, 2013

5 Creative Reasons to Stop What You're Doing Right Now!

March 12, 2012
Sandra H. Rodman, CEO, Right Brain Aerobics

Reason #1: Your Creative-Intuitive-Imaginative Right Brain Is Waiting to Report Out Creative Insight But You Never Let It On The Calendar.  How do you pick up the "download"?  How do you creatively convert it into action and insight?

Stop. Pick up pen and piece of paper. Take a deep breath.  Get a sip of water. Then do nothing for 5 minutes but listen. In silence. No background anything. No looking at a screen. Time it. Then sketch, draw, doodle whatever "out of the blue" powerful right brain symbol "cues" and ideas "pop up" ready for download. Information is always processing creatively but is useless uninterpreted data. Until you spend even 5 minutes in silence. Get ready. One reason amazing ideas pop up in showers, when waiting for planes (if you're not online): Time is available for more alpha "ah hah" mind state to get your attention.  How do you convert it into information?  You'll see:  Pick the most "out of the blue" crazy symbol or idea that popped up in those 5 minutes and pretend you have an assignment to turn it into a new strategy or insight. Here's why that's important -- and an example of how you might do it: