Friday, September 28, 2012

Unexpected Results When Beginning Transformational Dialogues with Right Brain Start Up


GUEST BLOGGER: Dr. Craig Weiner, DC
Director, The Chiropractic Zone Healing Center -
Creator, The Transformational Dialogues -
Right Brain Aerobics Trainer -

Earlier this week I was hosting an evening of my Transformational Dialogues, an event discussing how to raise our adolescent girls as powerful women. As normally occurs, a crowd of 25 people or so hurriedly rush into the gathering space sometime between 5:55 and 6:05 for a six o'clock event starting time. My intention was for it to be an evening in which there could be a sense of safety and sacredness, where vulnerability and authenticity could emerge. Normally I begin the events with house announcements, like where are the restrooms, when is the next upcoming event, etc. Then we head directly into introductions and the event begins. This time I decided to do something different. After the instructions for the evening were given, I asked their permission to do a little exercise with me to help quiet the chaotic arrival energy. I then led the group in a Right Brain Start-Up* exercise from Right Brain Aerobics... … 

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Whole Brain Organizations: Pulling for Creative Genius at All Levels?


"Want to inspire your staff?  Let them help solve the company's biggest problems."  From 30 Second MBA, Fast Company, John Landgraf, Pres. & GM, FX Networks

By Sandra H. Rodman - @SHRodman on Twitter

For new solutions we need: New landscapes of solvers.  What we're finding in Right Brain Aerobics pilots is that when you initiate a "pull" for creative/innovative genius it's there.  It's there at much greater levels of insight than you expect, and it's there at every level of every organization or network of colleagues.

That's a new landscape for problem solving in every organization -- but "Step 1" is: We must engage the "right brain" as well as the left, in every role.