Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Creative Employee Engagement, Part 2: Creating More Affirmative Inclusive Communities for Developers and Women in IT.

WATCH THE VIDEO: Lisa-Marie Namphy, Developer Advocate and Community Artchitect at Hewlett Packard Enterprise interviewed by Sara Peters, Senior Editor, Information Week, for InfoWeek NewsDesk

Creative Employee Engagement, Part 2: Creating More Affirmative Inclusive Communities for Developers and Women in IT.

Sandra H. Rodman, Founder/Author, Right Brain Aerobics 

Outstanding InfoWeek News Desk VIDEO --  Sara Peters, Senior Editor, Information Week -- interviews Lisa-Marie Namphy, (@SWDevAngel) Developer Advocate and Community Architect at Hewlett Packard Enterprise - InfoWeek News Desk at Interop 2016.

Lisa-Marie Namphy
(@SWDevAngelwho's also appearing on the Women in IT Panel at Interop 2016, focuses on innovative Developer Community Building as well as affirmative affirmative community-building for Women in IT roles.

She "connects the dots" with Open Source -- global open code communities -- that I've never heard connect in this way, even with years in IT management.  Sara Peters makes a special contribution to this discussion that makes it creatively energetic and accessible, going beyond the usual "business video."

Will spark your "right brain" -- creative-intuitive-innovative "aha! ideas" mind! 

"Innovation is a network of collective inner genius creation which has found its champion. Its sponsor. Its speaker. Its Voice." -- S.H. Rodman

An authentic, thought-provoking discussio to spark creative ideas about community building in any company or startup - and beyond IT. Affirmative, inclusive, expansive, and very "right brain."

Ties well to our last Right Brain Blog: "Employee Engagement Gets Down to One Thing: Employees Feel It's THEIR Company to Build."  Excellent example.  How "engaged" employees feel - is going to be impacted by these kinds of community-building programs that can lead to:

Affirmative, Inclusive Communities in Companies - Increased
Employee Engagement and Creativity

Takeaway: Creative change is coming in Information Technology (IT) internal communities and in all companies -- around Community Building and Women in Leadership. In every industry. The video is a great way to prompt more creative, inclusive, and innovative thinking as we start to do this better.

In fact: Could low numbers (as little as 30%) Employee Engagement -- be an indicator that we have NOT had creative community-building, advocacy and mentorship for women in leadership - advocacy for all employees to feel a larger sense of creative ownership and community in businesses?

I also like the creative "Developer Advocate and Community Architect" role idea at HPE. Might we have more "employee advocates" and "community architects" emerge as part of: Increasing Creative Employee Engagement? 


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