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"Creative Employee Engagement Gets Down to One Thing: Employees Feel It's THEIR Company to Build"

"Creative Employee Engagement Gets Down to One Thing: Employees Feel It's THEIR Company to Build"

(c) 2015 Sandra H. Rodman, CEO/Founder, Right Brain Aerobics
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Employee engagement being at around 30% -- indicated in many articles in the last few years -- good indicator that most employees feel no sense of partnership, of ownership in the success of the company. And that's how they work. Shouldn't 30% be an indicator of level of management/ownership success, too?  

Why not change that completely with one point on an employee engagement checklist: How can you make employees feel it's their company to build?  

What new business successes and great surprises would happen if that were a firm-wide initiative? Let's try it... It's a crazy idea - but so were most of today's models and inventions when they began.

5 Ways highest employee engagement could result in much greater business success in surprising ways:

1. EMPLOYEE PARTNER COWORKERS 110% ENGAGED: Employees who feel a lot like owners, partners, family -- who feel it's their mission; who feel their pride is not only recognized but truly matters - can become not just engaged but 110% engaged. Creativity, innovation, affirmative environments, productivity -- yowza client service -- can go up proportionally.
2. MANAGEMENT/OWNERSHIP 110% ENGAGED: Management and ownership designed around that model have to get creative! But they will also begin to feel 110% engaged - even if they have to share a lot more of the glory, the recognition, the financial success. But they will find a new success: Greater happiness at work; likely much higher and more sustainable long-term overall bottom line. And incredible boost in employee recruiting and retention -- of the best, most creative employees.

A creatively engaged partner coworkers milieu is a whole new kind of success. True 1000 Year Business Thinking.  
Companies with happy engaged partner-coworkers will be more creative. There will be fewer personnel or personal problems to handle -- less stress and thus fewer health issues. The recruiting/retention cost savings, loss of company skill/knowledge base and cost of retraining with high turnover -- could be reversed.

4. CLIENTS 110% ENGAGED/HAPPIER. Companies with 110% creative employee (partner coworker) engagement -- and even higher management/ownership happiness -- will find that it spills over with clients. It's contageious. Clients will begin to feel more 110% engaged! More reach out to clients to find out how they can feel more like this is "their company too." This can also impact the bottom line in new ways.

5. CREATIVE INNOVATION/PRODUCTIVITY INCREASED - NEW IDEA GENERATION. Companies with 110% creative employee engagement will find creative, innovative ideas -- as well as creative productivity -- sprouting constantly. To encourage this -- as well as greater recognition -- companies need a way to capture those ideas and feed them back to the whole company; software programs that capture and circulate creative employee ideas can change the "participatory" sense of the environment. 

When we're doing Right Brain Aerobics for Creativity & Innovation organizational training -- the number of new ideas generated can soar -- indicating all employees have creative, pent up ideas with nowhere to go! Let them go somewhere, recognize and pull for employee creative genius -- and you'll get it. As well as much higher employee sense of partner-coworker engagement. Shoot for 110% creative engagement - not just improving the current 30% a little.

Why not do this with clients, too? BUT -- 


Barriers to business success will be broken as barriers to everyone feeling that this is THEIR company to build!

Greater innovation, creativity, flexibility in changing times -- come with completely engaged partner coworkers -- happier, everyone creatively productive and inspired at 110%. The chances that this could transform the positive bottom line -- and the positive bottom line of happiness for every partner coworker, manager, owner, stakeholder might be astonishing. 

Having a few highly compensated folks at the top of a company of low-paid disengaged workers as a model does not necessarily mean great happiness for the top few -- or the clients --  or the stakeholders -- or the city/state/country -- for productivity and great client services.

It's a crazy idea - but someone is bound to try it. It's the one thing that isn't being tried -- and where new maverick 1000-Year-Companies will come from.

S.H. Rodman

S.H. Rodman


Sandra H. Rodman

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