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"Lost Genius Identity: Find Out Who You Are with Deep Right Brain Exercise"

Starting up your "Right Brain" is like tapping into a
giant network of creative higher intelligence. Who knew?

"Lost Genius Identity: Find Out Who You Are with Deep Right Brain Exercise" (Instructions and Audio exercise included. Start right now!)

(c) 2015 Sandra H. Rodman, CEO/Founder, Right Brain Aerobics
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One new creative idea gleaned from this one Right Brain Aerobics innovative thinking/deep mind exercise could be worth $millions. Then you remember that you could have many of these every day. Yowza.

4 Ways you know for sure that you may have lost-creative-genius:

  1. You are not putting your own genius-creative-thinking-time on the calendar! (No one does, unless they've been through Right Brain Aerobics and discovered what happens.)   
  2. Creative genius ideas occasionally pop up when you're in the shower or walking or even driving somewhere; waiting in line. Why? This is the only time you open up for "right brain" or "creative thinking" downloads-- "Free Time" when you give yourself permission to let your mind wander.
  3. You often feel "stuck" -- or aren't happy when the next step is to generate a new creative idea--but your new ideas still sound mostly like your old ideas. Derivative. You don't go "aha!"
  4. You don't meditate or engage in contemplative time. Or you do but aren't enjoying it. 
(Meditative "right brain" time in this case means "alpha mind state" -- your eyes are closed but you're focused and awake -- with no particular agenda. Or you are painting or crafting or playing a musical instrument, etc. If you start allocating "brain time" to this, you're going to get some real surprises. Your lost creative genius identity is backed up with downloads.)

Instructions to Start Discovering Lost Creative Genius Right Now. Don't wait. You'll be happy you did this.  

1. Goal for your Left Brain: This is for work -- so it's productive business time; but it will also impact positive energy, creativity, health, empathy, compassion, insight, and relationships.

2. How do I know this is going to result in your "finding out who you are" in deeper mind/brain states?
There is nothing you can do to prevent this once you enter deeper "alpha" mind/brain states with an open creative mind. Once you put higher creative intelligence "on the calendar."  What a discovery; am still furious that no one taught me how to do this in elementary school. Criminal.
Discovered accidentally! What happens when one does deep right brain sound meditations daily. My brain exploded with new "aha's!" books that seemed already written, and importantly: Insight into who I really am.  
Important: I was in my 60's when I discovered how to do this, so I know that anyone can learn to do it at any age. 
This is a skill you are born with; deep inner creative genius is a calendar issue -- not a genetics issue. You have this ability. You don't need any pills, technology, plants, or counseling. You have an "inner counselor." So let's get started.
The Test: I saw this work with others? I started teaching Right Brain Aerobics (the curriculum to teach this "popped in" full blown, into my mind during a deep sound meditation) -- have been doing this for a decade all over the U.S. So I can tell you after seeing hundreds go through this experientially, everyone can do this. Everyone can begin to discover a kind of "hidden intelligence," 
You find out who you are with a quick swash of the calendar: Allocate time to your genius and you will discover a "plane" of your own genius previously hidden. 
Right Brain Start Up Instructions: 

A short Right Brain Aerobics creativity & innovation exercise--from the 7 RBA Components-at-a-Glance for activating higher creative/innovative intelligence. Allocate a few minutes here for your "higher self." Do you have a "higher self" and lost-genius-identity? Yowza. 
I ALREADY had a successful executive career in innovation and technology strategy in major corporations before I learned how to do this; these steps can start to shift an already-high-creative mind into hidden Overdrive. I had also in my 30's meditated with instruction -- but the effect wasn't really like this. This deep Right Brain (by this we mean creative-intuitive-non-local advanced consciousness mind) meditation caused "aha's!" on a regular basis. This was different.
It is the insight, the "lost genius identity" discovery -- wow!  Really: Wow! In my 70's, I'm having the most exciting adventure of my life! And it was a pretty exciting previous 60 years -- so this must be really exciting... Here's more about "5 Ways Right Brain Aerobics Training Can Improve Innovation, Creativity, Entrepreneurial & Startup Leadership"
Bonus: If you practice some of these exercises, you'll be eligible to try some of the "advanced" exercises and even crazy ideas like Remote Viewing Problem Solving (or past lives) or extraterrestrial communication. Think this is impossible? Think again. Just want to have a way to "pop up" aha! ideas all the time or have less stress and be in a better mood? That's easy.
Now do the exercise: -- 

Playing Hide & Seek with your Lost Genius Identity.
Ironically, first you have to close your eyes.

1. Get ready for lift off. Location: Find a quiet place to sit or lie down, eyes closed -- where you won't be interrupted.
2. What You Need: Paper. Pen. Bottle or glass of water. For the "output" of your exercise, you need paper and pen. If you try to type as opposed to having paper that you can wildly and easily scribble on with pen -- it engages your creative mind differently. No electronics except to listen to the audio exercise.
3. Listen to this Guided Right Brain Start Up guided audio deep sound meditation and follow the instructions.

Listen to and do the exercise.

You'll want the Steven Halpern Grammy-Nominated MP3 Album for more exercises and going deeper into your own "hidden genius." "Deep Alpha: Brainwave Synchronization."

4. Do this again tomorrow. Try it once a day for a week. It is impossible to stop amazing brain/idea sparking and insight from occuring. You're going to find out that you do not know who you are or what you think until you put it on the calendar.

"Education is what remains after one has forgotten what one has learned in school." -- Albert Einstein, Out of My Later Years: The Scientist, Philosopher, and Man Portrayed Though His Own Words  
Right Brain Aerobics is quite simple: "Higher Education for Higher Creative Intelligence -- Finding Lost Genius Identity." Every Day...

If you do this exercise every morning you will begin to discover that you have available a "morning university" in which you are Yoda. 

You can learn Right Brain Aerobics through these blogs, beginning today, always available online. Next Up: We're going to start Doing Impossible Things.

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S.H. Rodman


Sandra H. Rodman

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(c) 2015 S.H. Rodman

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