Friday, August 7, 2015

Treasure Hunt: 5 Steps to Use Failing in Order to Thrive & Creatively Boost Your Career!

Find and cheer the gift, the treasures, the creative potential in
every situation! Photo: iStock

5 Steps -- to Use Failing in Order to Thrive & Creatively Boost Your Career. Make it a Treasure Hunt.

Basic Right Brain Aerobics technique to tap higher creative intelligence & more innovative-intuitive thinking: FIND THE GIFT, the treasure, the core life lesson, in every circumstance, every relationship, every minute!

Think -- find the "creative opportunity" even in what appears at first failure, exercising Creative Higher Intelligence mind states and exercises with sound = tap higher mind.

Everything Is a Success -- in one sense or another! Every situation, every minute, is a University of Lessons. 

If you've had big knocks -- you're in Grad School and may soon get your Ph.D.

These are easy steps -- but powerful steps taught for more than a decade, using alpha mind (intuitive, creative, innovative, meditative) to do to turn things around and energize. Even transform any situation creatively.



Photo: iStock

1. Get in Right Brain State (always do this first to creatively harvest ideas/lessons for any problem or new project): Here's an exercise from Right Brain Aerobics for Business:

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AUDIO EXERCISE: Do a Right Brain Start Up for creative ideas (S.H. Rodman) -- you're going into "alpha" hz brain states to access a more creative and appreciative side of your higher intelligence. Close your eyes, have pen, paper, and some water handy. Take about 10-15 minutes. Change your life -- you can use this exercise for any situation. 

The sound playing behind the guided audio exercise is Steve Halpern's Grammy Nominated "Deep Alpha: Brainwave Synchronization -- thanks to Steve for the use! Go buy his MP3 or Album and you can bliss out in the Creative Zone for work & deep meditative-intuitive-creative state, anytime.

Now for the Right Brain Exercise -- just as in a Right Brain Aerobics workshop -- do it and watch new ideas sprout wings... --