Thursday, February 26, 2015

Can You Become Your Own Right Brain Think Tank? 4 Keys


Thought Challenge: 

Can you unleash different kinds of creative-intuitive-quantum-leap mind instincts every day using the mind in new creative ways instead of one way? 

Can you (metaphorically) become, your own "right brain think tank" every day...? We do this in Right Brain Aerobics, but you can start to do it on your own using lots of resources, by just recognizing 4 Keys -- and try our Audio File to jump start the process.

Stereo Mind/Brain Power
First Rev Up More "Right Brain" (metaphorical) Creative-Intuitive Mind Power
and Easily Switching/Integrating with Your More Regularly Used Logical-Linear-Step-by-Step "Left Brain" (metaphorical) Mind Power. Image Credit, S.H. Rodman

Key 1. 

The Power of Knowing You Have More Than One Mind/Brain State -- and developing the lesser used creative-intuitive/quantum-leap state  (metaphorically more right brain) to integrate with the more logical ) mind skills (metaphorically more left brain) 

When You Start Thinking, Ask Where Am I Going? 

You use the mind/brain in primarily one way: Logical linear step-by-step problem-solving with the same old ideas repackaged sparked anew with new logical tips/books you like. Metaphorically -- left brain. So when you tend to get the same ideas, you might feel better with a new tip -- but know at some level: There is more! I did this for 60+ years & I was known as an innovator who had way more "aha! ideas" than most, but I didn't know how I got there and how to repeat it on call.

Ah. But this linear thinking process didn't compare at all with what popped up seemingly "out of the blue" when I accidentally discovered how to use different mind-brain states (metaphorically more "right brain," deeply relaxed focused creative mind) to produce different thoughts/ideas/symbols that had never occurred to me at all!

This can startle you -- and foster ideas crazy new ideas "out of the blue" and it was repeatable. I could call on this state as an extra "mind power" resource every day. I started to think that "awareness" or knowing that I had more than one mind/brain state and using both -- was a powerful "key" to change my creativity and my life.  This new territory, it turns out, was a "yowza!" New places to go for answers using the mind differently! Whoa!