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Can You Become Your Own Right Brain Think Tank? 4 Keys


Thought Challenge: 

Can you unleash different kinds of creative-intuitive-quantum-leap mind instincts every day using the mind in new creative ways instead of one way? 

Can you (metaphorically) become, your own "right brain think tank" every day...? We do this in Right Brain Aerobics, but you can start to do it on your own using lots of resources, by just recognizing 4 Keys -- and try our Audio File to jump start the process.

Stereo Mind/Brain Power
First Rev Up More "Right Brain" (metaphorical) Creative-Intuitive Mind Power
and Easily Switching/Integrating with Your More Regularly Used Logical-Linear-Step-by-Step "Left Brain" (metaphorical) Mind Power. Image Credit, S.H. Rodman

Key 1. 

The Power of Knowing You Have More Than One Mind/Brain State -- and developing the lesser used creative-intuitive/quantum-leap state  (metaphorically more right brain) to integrate with the more logical ) mind skills (metaphorically more left brain) 

When You Start Thinking, Ask Where Am I Going? 

You use the mind/brain in primarily one way: Logical linear step-by-step problem-solving with the same old ideas repackaged sparked anew with new logical tips/books you like. Metaphorically -- left brain. So when you tend to get the same ideas, you might feel better with a new tip -- but know at some level: There is more! I did this for 60+ years & I was known as an innovator who had way more "aha! ideas" than most, but I didn't know how I got there and how to repeat it on call.

Ah. But this linear thinking process didn't compare at all with what popped up seemingly "out of the blue" when I accidentally discovered how to use different mind-brain states (metaphorically more "right brain," deeply relaxed focused creative mind) to produce different thoughts/ideas/symbols that had never occurred to me at all!

This can startle you -- and foster ideas crazy new ideas "out of the blue" and it was repeatable. I could call on this state as an extra "mind power" resource every day. I started to think that "awareness" or knowing that I had more than one mind/brain state and using both -- was a powerful "key" to change my creativity and my life.  This new territory, it turns out, was a "yowza!" New places to go for answers using the mind differently! Whoa!

When You Start Thinking, Start Going into New Mind "Territory" -- that's how you learn to navigate in "quantum leap ideas" mind terrain...
Photo Credit: Fotalia

To use your mind/brain in a new way, to get into new mental "territory" and mind/brain states -- you're going to have to get into new creative "mind modes" in new ways -- new creativity "territory." To learn its navigation -- you have to go there more often! On purpose!

These mind landscapes include a lot more creative-intuitive-quantum-leap prompts, cues, ideas, symbols and Aha!'s!! But they have to be recognized as valuable and interpreted or extrapolated into actual strategies and even tactics-for-getting-it-done-in-new-ways.  A simple step to start doing this:

TIP: FIND THE GIFT OR CREATIVE ADVANTAGE: When a situation presents itself, even if it seems irritating or problem-filled, start listing immediately the "gifts" in the situation.
Lesson: A situation is just a "symbol" or "gift" for the (metaphoric) right brain, the creative non-linear mind -- to chew on and come up with an crazy-quantum-leap breakthroughs. That's "thriving" in the creative-intuitive mind! New situations are "sparks" -- gifts -- for outrageous new idea-energy and imagination. Quantum Leaps. Breakthroughs. Get used to "doing impossible things." 
On the other hand: See any situation or individual as a negative irritation, feeling overwhelmed and thinking things are unsolvable, and you shut off that creative-intuitive mind, which thrives on positive potential for imagination and new paths! Encouragement, affirmation, gifts!
The Point: This gets to the heart of the Einstein quote, "We can't solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them." The point is to RECOGNIZE at a deeper level how thinking tends to be different in different mind/brain states, and learn to apply different KINDS of thinking in different ways, ways not just your usual step-by-step organized logical way of thinking.
"Logic will get you from A to B. Imagination will take you everywhere." -- Albert Einstein
How Do We Get there? 
Telling yourself or others to "get creative'" without giving them a way to get there -- isn't as good as having a way to get there!!
Mind States May Be a Key! If we're usually in a regular waking state "beta" (while the ranges for this vary, generally 12-30hz).  Waking state or regular logical linear thinking is often metaphorically called "left brain." But we want to also to move to the more creative, relaxed, meditative mind "alpha" state (7.5 - 12 hz) -- sometimes called the "aha! ideas" state (in metaphorical parlance -- right brain).  

This is the state where the mind can be sometimes "programmed" or "reprogrammed" for greater success. See

But how do we get there?

Key 2. 

"Power Up" the Creative-Intuitive-QuantumLeap Mind/Brain with Steps and Process to Get to New Right Brain Ideas & Higher Creative Intelligence Dialogue!
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This is a case where structured logical steps and daily practice, can get you repeatably into to non-linear crazily-creative-non-linear quantum-leap ideas state -- more "right brain" territory.

I discovered that NOT having daily creative mind-expanding practices and steps as part of career training, business education and public education -- this holds back what could be a much more wildly creative society, in which each individual can be their own "Right Brain Think Tank" every day.

These steps spark all of our work in Right Brain Aerobics -- and Right Brain Think Tank -- and what they were created for -- but going "beyond" even the creative-intuitive mind and looking at higher creative intelligence comes up every day. The key has been structured steps to get into creative-intuitive quantum-leap mind/brain territory -- but you can get there in many ways if you focus on activating creative-intuitive processes every day. 
Examples: Meditation, followed by focus on a creative challenge or questions -- and then writing (pen and pad) ideas in a notebook -- ideas that pop-up "out of the blue" is a good step one. 
Or start any creative activity from drawing and doodling to painting, dance, or creating/playing music with an instrument. This can start to spark "aha!" mind into action -- ideas can begin to spring up "out of the blue" while in deep creative focus. (Sometimes hypnosis works in this way.) 
Or you can use our "Right Brain Start Up" exercise -- repeatable every day:

RIGHT BRAIN START UP: AUDIO BONUS & TIP: We offer you a creative Right Brain Start Up exercise as a gift from Right Brain Aerobics, which I created to help you get quickly into new mind territory. Try this "alpha" mind state exercise to get going into "alpha" mind creative state. See what new ideas you get. Use daily! Right Brain "Aerobics" is a play on words, similar to Dan Pink's book (highly recommended) which prompted left brain and right brain to be used as business performance metaphors: "A Whole New Mind: Why Right Brainers Will Rule the Future." 
TIP: We use Steven Halpern's "Deep Alpha" sound as background in this guided mind exercise -- most of Steven Halpern's CDs can get you to "alpha" state mind pretty quickly. Get one!
TIP 2: This is a creative mind that needs to be used to be great!  Use it or lose it is better put: The more you seek new quantum leap creative ideas and "alpha state" mind exercise every day, and the more creative ideas you have to choose from, the better you'll bet at generating creative ideas "on the fly." You get what you focus on! New mental skill is developed through practical daily application and learning the nuances of the "quantum leap mind..."

3. The Power of Knowing Where/How You Are Thinking -- and recognizing the difference in mind-brain states.

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Do you know when you are in "alpha" or "aha! ideas" state? The more deeply relaxed, focused states with time to let ideas flow...? This awareness -- and how to help others move into this state -- is powerful for leadership, teams, right brain-storming, generating new creative ideas anytime, starting to use the mind in a new way to get "ideas out of the blue."

Is this very "knowing" of your mind-brain state awareness, in itself key to better work/entrepreneurial performance and personal relationships?
What does this mean for your career skills and personal skills?

a) is it a career-personal skill to recognize the mind-state you're in? To recognize the difference between thinking states? To know how to use two key ones in idea-generation?
b) Is it a career-personal skill to be able to shift quickly into "aha!" ideas mode in repeatable steps anytime -- "on the fly"?
c) Is it a career-personal skill to be able to transform/interpret the intuitive-creative, non-linear symbol-rich mind-states, extrapolate unique strategies from new mind cues -- so that you can jump quickly from getting a crazy image/symbol -- to having the breakthrough idea of the year? 
(Example: A Penguin "symbol" popping up during deep mind-dive might lead you fortuitously to Penguin Publishers for your new book, arrived at "illogically." A "gate" symbol -- could prompt you to look for new open-closed logic gates paradigms if you're a programmer -- or to call Bill Gates with a proposal (or Melinda Gates); or that you need to identify new "gateways" for your product.)
d) Is it a career-personal skill to be able to self-dialogue-your-way-to-a-strategy -- using a Q&A format with your own Inner Creative Genius? Your own "Inner Yoda"? Creative curiosity at new levels! 'inner Genius Q&A" is key in our right brain training programs because of the extraordinary personal revelations that tend to come in this self-dialogue or "creative mind playwriting" skill. New scripts for a new mind...

"Healthy curiosity is a great key in innovation." -- Ifeanyi Enoch Onuoha

4. The Power of Becoming Your Own "Right Brain Think Tank" every day -- Having a New "Innovators" Mind Skill That Can Apply to Any Job/Discipline/Topic. The only way to learn how to dialogue with your crazy-ideas "Inner Creative Genius" is to try it! Use it or lose it! Go into "alpha" or "aha! ideas" mind state daily and start a higher intelligence dialogue with creative ideas that may pop up as "symbol cues" out of the blue.

Can you become your own Right Brain Think Tank
by daily sparking new ideas using different mind/brain creative states
and dialogue with your Inner Creative Intelligence?
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This skill may be the key to everyone being able to tap higher intelligence daily. What would a team, group, or company be like if everyone could have this skill to an even 10% or 20% higher level?

Why "new" ideas? There appears to be great power and stimulation in diversity of ideas as well as diversity of thinkers!

"When all think alike there is little danger of innovation." -- Edward Abbey 

In a decade of conducting Right Brain Aerobics training across the country it's become clear that knowing this difference -- and how to use the creative-intuitive-quantum leap "right brain" or "alpha" state mind  -- means:

YOU CAN GET TO "NEW IDEAS" YOU'D NORMALLY NOT EVER GET TO WITH YOUR USUAL WAY OF SOLVING PROBLEMS. "Yowza" ideas and "outliers" just waiting for discovery, but in uncharted mental territory... Start charting in new mind territory!

"...the human adventure is just beginning," Gene Roddenberry, Star Trek creator


This "Innovators Mind Skill" or "Right Brain Higher Creative Intelligence Skills" are so key that we're focusing on in  
packages of so that everyone anywhere can "Dial Up the Right Brain" via TeleConferences -- and "right brain-storm" with other innovators and creative thinkers plus learn Right Brain Aerobics. 
It also includes Self-Learning Packages of eBooks, Checklists/Tips/How To's PDFs and Audio so that you can keep learning on your own.

Sandra H. Rodman, CEO, Right Brain Aerobics
SHRodman on Twitter - 

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