Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Is "Home" Your Office Workspace? Then Jump-Start Creative Thinking There! 5 Things...

June 25, 2014

Sandra H. Rodman, CEO/Creator, Right Brain Aerobics
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Remember all of those complaints you had about working at the office? Remember you thought you could get more creative at home now that you can go Mobile?   
Your Home Office (or even your Office Office!) -- is also your Mind Work Space. You can change it anytime to jump-start & enlighten your creative mind. 
Here's how! 5 Things... 
The trend in every kind of work is going to be more "mobile work at home" -- so get creative now so you're better at it -- or prepared to do it in future.
The human brain/mind/spirit is WYSIWYG - What You See Is What You Get.  Get creative & watch your mind/energy follow:

1. Right Brain Cleaning & Creative Organization: Cleaning may be boring but creative paint-up/fix-up/upcycle creative things to make your work space inspiring -- that will spark your "innovation mind" thinking. Make home workspace a place you'd be proud to take anyone on a tour -- and they'd say "cool"..."wow"...  
>>>Add new color, add new art/photos, add new plants, add new quotes. Add things that inspire you & also get you more organized & proud of your workspace -- innovative in your workspace -- thrilled to work in it! 
>>>Upcycle all sorts of things to make the space work better and be more interesting. Thinking of Upclying Creative Ideas can get your mental creative juices going.
Get creative in workspace = Get creative mentally.
Creative Workspace Inspirations 
Creative Home Workspace ideas abound on Pinterest. 
2. Declutter the Workspace = Declutter the Mind: Open the door for more innovative "right brain-storming" while you work. Still you want to have everything you need nearby (but maybe in a cool upcycled container or cab). Or leave a lot of things you need at a distance -- so you'll have to get up and walk to get them! (Sitting is the new Smoking)

What You See Is What You Get: Declutter Workspace = Declutter Mind
Open the Doorway to new Creative Mind with new Creative Workspace!

3. INSPIRE YOURSELF OFTEN -- whatever "inspires" you, put it there or a picture of it -- including pictures of big dreams!  Change out Creative Objects/Art for inspiration often, not just once in a while. If it looks the same every day, you'll think the same every day.  Bring in NEW visual stimulation pictures, objects or plants etc. or print-and-post your "quote of the week" -- change it out with a new "PROMPT" at least once a week or once a month. 
>>>Tip: Go outside, too. Make "nature/outside" part of your workspace and mental inspiration! Natural environments have complex elements, changing, unpredictable -- trees, grass, flowers change, shift, flow. You have to watch where you're going --energizing the more flexible mind needed for innovation thinking.
4. Walk Your Creative Mind Around OFTEN.  Every 90 minutes minimum: STOP & MOVE. Walk outside or inside for at least 10 min. 1. You'll lose weight. 2. Your mind will come up with new creative ideas or remember things you've forgotten. 3. You'll "refresh & reboot" your creative mind to new viewpoints automatically! 4. Your health/bp etc. will improve especially if you walk briskly. 5. You're killing yourself sitting for hours (even if you workout later) -- it's the EXTENDED SITTING ON A PROJECT OR ENTERTAINMENT--that increases all kinds of serious health problems: "Sitting is the new Smoking."
>>> Sitting Is the New Smoking -- Even for Runners. You can't sit all day then do a long run or workout -- it's the extended sitting that's ruining your health, posture. But: I found that the recommended frequent brisk walks of 5-10-15 minutes REVS UP YOUR BRAIN TO NEW IDEAS, TOO. Plus I lost more 20 pounds... :) 
>>> Why Sitting Is Killing You -- great Infographic & at-the-desk exercise Tips. But really? Walking, walking, walking frequently taking breaks is the best for health and mind. From Life Hacker
>>> Sitting is the new smoking - Nilofer Merchant's TED Talk - "Got a Meeting? Take a Walk." 
>>> Standing Desks or Sit-Stand Desks & Work Stations (have adjustable rises for top of your existing desk) are the coming trend. Because you can't, literally, afford the serious sitting health risks; companies can't afford the health problems either so if your work-at-home is a start up--save yourself later by getting this in motion now. (I still find that walking 10-15 min about every 90 min is what shifts your mental & physical gears; just standing still for hours isn't that good for your body/back either, but it's better than sitting.  Do both!)
5. Treat Yourself Well!  You're the boss of your homespace -- be a good boss.  
Affirm yourself!  Feeling down -- give yourself a pat on the back! List all of the great things you did this week -- without condition -- go for it.  You're great! List all of the people you helped. List new ideas that excite you.  You're in charge of motivation and back-patting in your Home Office.  If you don't "affirm" you in your Home Workspace, who will? Make it the best place for you to work in the world...!!   (Affirmation process from Strategic Learning Systems created by A. Lee Johnson)
Bonus: Start Up Your Right Brain at Home! This is a great way to start your workday at Home -- and shift gears to "get creative!" Also use to shift mental gears when going from one project to another. From Right Brain Aerobics website: Right Brain Start Up instructions.
A creative, organized, inspiring Home Office workspace may be the most important environment of the future. It helps health, thinking, inspiration, impacts the rest of your home environment -- even relationships and interaction.  

"Innovator at Work" should be a visual you'd be proud to tweet...


“If opportunity doesn’t knock, build a door.” – Milton Berle
“We don’t see things as they are, we see them as we are.” – Anais Nin
“If we’re growing, we’re always going to be out of our comfort zone.” – John C Maxwell

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Sandra H. Rodman, CEO/Creator, Right Brain Aerobics
@SHRodman on Twitter - Watch for upcoming TeleConferences:
"Right Brain Technology Think Tank"