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Thinking Challenge: Are a Society's Values Reflected in Its Technology? Can We Reinvent?

"When we create a new technology that is more responsible -- we create a new society that is more responsible." -- S.H. Rodman

7-18-12 by Sandra H. Rodman,
Right Brain Aerobics

Creative Thinking Will Be Sparked as We Reinvent Societies & Technologies.  Plus: A Right Brain Long-Range Career Exercise -- that could change your life.

Are a Society's Values Reflected in Its Technology?  That is its legacy. And also a clue to the unanticipated vista of new opportunities for new minds. With global challenges, many are looking again at how we are creating our societies - and seeing that it is time for "reinvention" of our technology paradigms as well?  Each reflects our values...  Time for "Stereophonic Braining"...

Stereophonic Braining?

Time to put on new thinking caps -- Right Brain as well as Left Brain.  If there was ever an opportunity for Whole Brain Thinking (Stereophonic Braining?) -- this is it!

Time for All to Benefit from Our Inventing Skills...?

All of us are learning -- and it's now time for all of us to benefit from what we've learned.  That's new thinking -- more right brain, more collaborative, more cooperative, more compassionate -- and more focused on enhancing all life systems and biodiversity on our planet to preserve its "outrageously unique" specialness.  How many planets do we see around the universe like this?  One.  Can we become "reinventors" of ourselves and our technology to reflect new knowledge gained from revelations about the effects of "unintended consequences" -- and the values spawned in that?

Somewhere in this thinking is a career or "new thinking" opportunity for you, for every human, because many "new millennium inventors" are already creating new models, inventions to address new emergencies we didn't know were coming.  We've learned from our mistakes, and also the opportunity inherent in "rethinking" now as we finally "see" the vast problems with over-consumption, too much "stuff" (Want to lower expenses? Invent creative alternatives to constant "new stuff"  to keep up with the Jones and create a society where there will still BE societies in 3012... Most "stuff" is headed for landfills or storage units where you pay when it's a "disposable" society.). We also pay in a distracted and stressed mind glued to small screens (which monitor us) and the technology is obsolete next month (and you pay for the "new model" economy -- new version/technology change is now constant and you're forced to buy the new model when you can't afford it, because otherwise you won't be able to read communication on the old technology; but the existing technology model was working fine!  It wasn't broken!  Just superseded by new "stuff."..

You pay in higher garbage/disposal costs and your time taken to separate "disposables."  You pay when unanticipated filling of landfills with discarded electronics and other "stuff" builds toxins in ecospheres and aquifers.  You pay, working insane hours because our technology/values enable it, having less time for relationships, less time to really "rethink" or even care about what we're doing on the planet.

Start thinking now where your role might be as we creatively "reinvent" a planet's society, economics, and technologies...this is beginning everywhere in the midst of our angst.  Here are some points -- and an exercise -- to transform problems into vast new opportunities -- of mind, society, and technology.  Here are some aspects:

Long-Range Career Exercise: 

As you read each new point, write down at least one or two new career/jobs that you can see created from our "coming reinvention age" to solve problems and make society work better!   If it really strikes a chord -- start writing a business plan. Find out if there's a course.  Teach it!  If not you, then who?  All major technology companies today started with this kind of thinking exercise at a personal level; that's how it will be fixed.  All change starts at a personal level... And usually?  A right brain level...

1. Viewing Technology by Its Long-Term Effects on Society = New Career Skills

Should our specification sheets and project development include an assessment of the "1000 year effect"?  This will be a new thinking/analysis skill.  Beyond looking for 6 Sigma potential, recognizing the "big picture" over long time periods will be key.  Developing "pattern recognition" skills. And that's right brain skill. So get  to increasing those skills and credentials popping up everywhere.

2. Assessing Technology by the Values It Entrains = Seeing What Others Do Not

If our technology is primarily used for tools which are about short-term gain, individual self-focus instead of "big picture" focus -- or pose harm to biological living systems and as weaponry, are not equitably available to everyone, or include floods of disposable gadgets of convenience so quickly obsolete yet not biodegradable that makeshift landfill ecosystems are overwhelmed! So are our values.  This becomes a mirror of that society and what it values.  We want to be the best that we can be.

3. Long View Designers...

We must begin to think more "right brain" with purpose, focusing on transforming patterns of design with a "long view" and a bigger picture in mind.  What are the effects of each technology 1000 years into the future?  Shouldn't it be a career advantage to be able to think and design in millennial terms with long views as well as understanding the design needs of an "instant" society? How do we reconcile this and what is the opportunity?

4. Long View Society Designers?

How we create and think through our technology is integral in how we create and think through our society -- and trains our minds and viewpoints daily.   It may be key now to act on our realization the continually there are reinforcing connections between technology design and societal design.

5. Programming a New "App" = Programming a New Mind?
Reinventing How We Invent?

We do not usually think, when trying to create "the next big thing," that when we program a new "app" -- we may be programming a new society and a new mind. We have the opportunity now to more creatively and compassionately and thoughtfully -- right brain thinking skills -- reinvent how we invent!  We are just coming to understand that we are creating the environments that will form the minds and values of multiple generations. Reinvention skills are different than invention skills.  Should the psychology of programming (with a millennial view) be a new course?  Could you teach it?

6. Could Short-Term Technology = Short-Term Society? 
Is Long-Term Technology Creation Going to Create New Careers?

How many of our technologies are designed to last more than a few years?  How much of our "stuff" needs biodiverse resources -- but we're cutting them down as fast as we can for a "new model" of something? Does cutting down biodiverse rain forests = cutting down on a biodiverse future and ending those resources?  (See "The Story of Stuff" and "The Story of Change" animated videos -- it will blow your mind -- in a good way.  In every story:  Is new creative opportunity.)  I know the "big picture thinker" who helped found this project years ago -- all such new projects come from one thinker sitting at a kitchen table or a desk musing.  That could be you...

7.  Rethinking -- Our Minds?

We don't usually see our "minds" as an object of history and invention; but they are.  Now we are thinking that way.  That means we can consciously reinvent ourselves by understanding that every technology and daily choice IS retraining and reinventing our minds.  Perhaps one of the greatest careers of the future will be new "right brain" sciences of the mind and consciousness...looking far beyond how we've defined those in the past, and reconciling our knowledge that we are way more than we think, and can be way more than we ever thought...

We're creating technological environments that we stare at all day, and these act as a kind of right brain "vision board" cue.  Can small screen watching = small screen mind?  Are we training ourselves, without awareness, to think smaller, more self-focused?  Already studies are emerging that increased cell phone use somehow leads to greater "selfishness" and isolation.  What happens to society?  What are "human electronic relationships"?  Better find out: Because soon that's about all we'll have at this rate.  Phones for human contact?  Not so much.  Phone use is going down on smart phones, screen use is going up.  I AM NOT MY SCREEN SHOT!!  Ooops.  That was too emotional.  Oh, but wait a minute.  That is where we're headed.  Small Screen Relationships and not too much emotion -- because we're never really around other people; they exist on screens.

But we ARE thinkers and we are passionate creators.  We're about to reinvent all of this.  And you want to be activated with a ready "right brain" for this one!

We can always do better!  That's what we do!  We learn.  And we can now exercise amazing genius rarely trained.  I see it every day in right brain training classes.  We can be more innovative and creative and compassionate with a "long view" to exercise the gifts of multidimensional intelligence and the ability to create technology which are our blessings.  Far beyond anything we've ever imagined!

8. Taking Responsibility...

We can "reinvent" solutions for more habitable and long-range, life-affirming technology that sustain all societies equally over long eons, as we come to understand that as our responsibility and make it our intention?  That's our New Mind -- and we're inventing it right now.  Or you wouldn't be reading this.  Will there be new disciplines based on taking responsibility? There are no courses for that.  Will there be a course now?

We can be more patient.  Though there is no course for "Patience 101."  There will be -- it will just be called something else or part of the "Long View Thinking and Analysis" course...  We do have the patience to do even better!  To go back to the drawing board again and again, seeking even more creative "quantum leaps" of insight, until we get it right.  A sign of the highest intelligence and values...  That's who we are...!  

9. Industries Will Form around New Minds...

There will be industries forming around THAT New Mind.  The mind of higher intelligence and multidimensional/extradimensional intelligence.  You want to start looking for them -- or start one  That's our future.  As we create new technologies with a long view, more compassionate and right brain technologies, we will be creating new societies.  And even there, new courses will pop up:  "Right Brain Societies?"  "Stereophonic Braining 101?" 

It is highly likely that "work" will be redefined, too, so you want to be thinking about that.  That will be a career filed, the redefinition of "work," how and where we do it with New Minds, and what it is.... As we create and use New Minds, we will create New Societies.  And that means "work" and "society" in 2112 may be very different than now.

The organizations that will research and redefine that are being created now.  Join one or create one -- and you will be catching an unprecedented new wave of opportunity...

10.  What Did You Think of as You Wrote Down New Possible Careers from each of the 10 Points.  Did one or two intrigue you...  Start writing a New Business plan -- because New Business is coming right along with New Mind and New Society...

     "The empires of the future are the empires of the mind." -- Winston Churchill

     Stay tuned for Part II... (continuing the original blog, if you read that first and wondered 
     where it went!)  Here, change is constant! 

Sandra H. Rodman

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(c) 2012, S.H. Rodman.  Photo Credit: iStock Photos. Graphic Credit: S.H. Rodman

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