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Thinking Challenge 2: Careers of Reinvention…Technology, Society, Values

7-23-12 by Sandra H. Rodman,
Right Brain Aerobics

(See Also: Part I: Thinking Challenge: Are a Society's Values Reflected in Its Technology? Can We Reinvent?)

The Ultimate Career Opportunity:  Reinvention.  Humanology.  Exercise:  12 Points to Spark New Career Thinking!

Where's the course on "reinvention?  Will we develop New Expertise from the Dept. of Unintended Consequences?  "Going Back to the Drawing Board 101" with Hindsight -- and Futuresight -- for Quantum Leaps in Reinvention?  If you read this -- and do the point-by-point exercise...there could be millions in dollars and new career networks springing to mind where before you weren't looking...


What if we had the ultimate opportunity, and were allowed to go "back to the drawing board" with new right brain and left brain thinking, integrated and harmonized? (See Part I for "Stereo Braining). Would we have invented automobiles differently instead of the way we did? Light bulbs?  DC vs. AC current?  Electrical pollution standards for EMF?  Plastics? Nonrenewable fuel focus? If we'd known the health/ecosystem/mind stress problems we were creating? Was a more life-enhancing long-term solution possible?

Right brain thinking/training opens new ways to explore "hindsight thinking" as well as "futuresight thinking" with conscious skill. Its metaphor includes "big picture" as well as "long picture thinking" -- imagination for a "quantum leap" insight outside of 24/7 orientation to 5000 years from now to see what effects (presently unseen consequences of inventions) might be visible to a more non-linear, non-local mind.  New career/society/technology opportunities?

Exercise:  As in Part I, see what happens as you read each point:  Write down new Career ideas that pop into your mind?  New company ideas?  New Class ideas?  Can you write a Business Plan for the "Ah Hah" brain...?  Or are others already doing this and you didn't get the memo.  Create a new memo!  Get your napkin out and let's starting reinventing, as we...

1. Come Face-to-Face with the "Ah Hah" Brain...The Best Part of Our Thinking! 

Is this a new paradigm of invention? Coming face-to-face with this intuitive-creative "ah hah" brain is also coming face-to-face with the best part of us?  That's what happens when we take the time to think about what we're doing.  To reflect and contemplate with more thoughtful wisdom about the impact.

2. A "Do Over" Career Track?

What if we had a chance for a "do over"?  What comes to mind? Will there be "Do Over Experts"? If we have a "do over" brain that forgives and allows us to learn from mistakes and try again to be as good as our higher potential, it is likely the right brain -- metaphorically.  It is not time to lament but to "see" -- opportunity in our own short-sightedness.  Short Sightedness is just Step 1 for Long Sightedness. (Thanks to Tim Morley for his comments prompting ideas about the "do over" brain...)

3. "Future Mind"? Or "Short-Term Mind"? Remote Viewing?

We can see that technology can cause "invisible" problems when compounded over long periods -- and begin to recreate it training "future mind" instead of "short-term" mind.  That involves a kind of "remote viewing" - taught in Level 2 of Right Brain Aerobics but as applied to problem-solving and insight revelations... A lot of new brain stretching and creation of new grey matter is likely to occur when training non-local mind.  We already know that right brain mind stretching such as meditation/mental focus and using the creative centers of the "symbol-speak" brain differently can increase grey matter.  (See Articles/Research at Right Brain Aerobics.)  Could you actually have a career as a "remote viewing" or "future mind" expert?  Not just a "futurist":  A "future mind" expert...  That's different.  (See the work and workshops of Stephan A. Schwartz, one of the inventors of "Remote Viewing" techniques or sign up for The Schwartz Report (no charge) and get an advance tip about future trends, patterns, and trends that effect new minds. Start thinking "ahead of the curve" where new career tracks and reinventing the future are emerging.)

4. Career Tracks for an "Affirming" Society of Higher Intelligence?

If the technology which a society creates contributes to its own land/water/space/mental pollutions and problems -- then do we have a wake-up call about perception as much as about  technology problems? We should have "seen" most of the problems beforehand; we have the intelligence to do it -- but we didn't.

Time to create anew the coming natural or healthy technologies which will reflect the society's and planet's  better intelligence and the interests of thriving health for all living systems: An opportunity for that society, to consciously recreate its own technology to serve greater aspirations for all its peoples; and enhance the living systems which are its source rather than jeopardizing them.  This is a "learning" society.  It is an "affirming" society.

Perhaps creative learning from and correction of our mistakes, cleaning up our physical and mental environments, giving our minds more responsible challenges -- is the greater, higher use of innovative genius!!  What is one idea you could think of right now for an "impossible thing" career path that might interest you thinking along this line of "giving our minds more responsible challenges"?  Write it down -- that begins to manifest new dreams.

5.  A Choice of Mind: Being Thought-full -- or Thought-Less?  Where Will It Lead? Can You Become a Paid Problem Solver Today?  Yes.  Read Below.

We can see now in hindsight.  We know what can happen when we invent technologies which fill landfills -- not thinking ahead, we made "thought-less" technologies, destructive technologies, technologies only for the convenience of one species and moment in history.  Without enough thought of its long-term impact on the future.  Nobody asked us to think about this...  But that doesn't mean we can't - and many are?  Could you create a new "Inventions Company"?  There are already lots of new models.  Take a look at this one in Australia: IdeaConnection -- where you can sign up right now to be a Paid Problem Solver (sign up via email on the site! in one of the many many industries listed.  Sponsor an "Idea Rally"  -- or sell your invention directly to those interested, as the website concept brokers direct connections for inventors and crowd-sourcing funding, like an exchange.  These are the companies of a reinvented future.  Get out your pen and pad.

When we play games with our resources without thinking about the consequences; without thinking about interspecies interconnections; without considering human societies millennia hence, who are fully dependent on how we treat those resources and how we train our own minds now:  -- Well, we miss an amazing opportunity for our minds!  As well as our futures!  Let those minds CONSIDER all long-range and ecosystem/mind system factors and stretch our brains with transforming ideas of technology, not just short-term fun inventions. What new opportunities!  We can have New Fun...and we don't even know what it will look like yet.

If we do it right, imagine a society without the "unintended consequences" we're seeing that pain us in health, mind, climate, and society right now!  Wow. Reinvent in Thought-full Context = Expanding the Mental/Environmental Context.   Every day, all of the future depends on our choices.  It is no small responsibility - as now we are at a tipping point.  Thought-full?  Or Thought-Less.  Each creates new opportunities.  What opportunities do you see?  Write them down.

6. Inconsequential Thinking vs. Consequential Thinking

Might not contemplating consequences be called:  Inconsequential thinking? Might contemplating consequences be called:  Consequential thinking?  Duality in our values focus is reflected in our technologies.  We may need Consequential Technologies -- the result of carefully thinking about long-term consequences and reinventing for fewer long-term problems:  7 Generation Thinking as was common among traditional peoples.  We have a heritage of "Long View" Mind but we're not calling upon it fully yet. 

Do we really need Inconsequential Technologies or thinking?  We are almost past the point of having time to correct our mistakes.  Taking time to think through how we came to the consequences of our past actions thinking -- may be the highest form of human intelligence.  Human society with mature intelligence.  If we never take time to think, we have thought-less societies.  If we never take time to think, we have thought-less technologies.  We could have both thoughtful technologies and societies; it is a choice.  What are some thought-full new technologies and careers that you can see?  Could you "invent" one?

7. Paying a Mental Price...?

We also pay a mental price for not thinking things through, not contemplating with a higher intelligence, not contemplating a higher society with higher standards for its creation of technology and its empathetic life systems. We lose mental acumen, creative thinking skills, the ability to focus -- it literally impacts brain and mind. Our future societies will be simply a reflection of whether or not we take the time to think.  They will also be a reflection of where we focus.  (See "Attached to Technology and Paying a Price," NY Times series on "Your Brain and Computers.")  

If this is a key focus for a whole NY Times series, is this not a "leading indicator" that new companies and careers will follow this idea and create new solutions?  Get out your pen and pad now.

8. Looking Up or Looking Down? Your Brain and Invention Follow.  Location, Location, Location!

With every technology iteration, we are training our own minds and changing our planet. We have reached a point where we rarely look up at vaster things like the universe, to spark vaster, "big picture" thinking.  More and more we look down at small screens, essentially: Game Boxes.  Are we to be the people of universal thinking and life-enhancing technologies?  Or the people of Game Boxes?  Wherever we look -- brain and society follow.

Look up!  Look at the stars! Visit a Planetarium Show TIP:  Go to the Seattle Center 50 Year Retrospective on the Worlds Fair and go through Whidbey GeoDome's display in the Pavilion: The Earth Portal (created with some young directors and technology teams, too, thinking into the future).  Picture the Big Picture for "Looking Up" -- in a portable immersive GeoDome view with you at the center of the Universe...  Like watching from the bridge of Star Ship Enterprise...and you're driving...  Think about what new roles you might want to play in a reinvented world!  But this is now!  Real jobs in new right brain technologies use like this are being created all the time!  Get involved in "looking up" -- it's a trend of future mind...

Notice where you are (we're not inside of small smartphones, quiet as it's kept).  If location, location, location is important in real estate -- it's also important for your mind!!!  To be a good citizen of the universe, whether or not we think there is life here -- there is life here. We must be responsible in the ways we express our gift of creativity to each other -- and in the ways we express it in technologies which depend on heavy use of a planet's resources, which are finite?  What is our best use of it?  Can we do better than our current convenience products or entertainment products, cosmetic and fuel products that are toxic to some systems? Water pollution from dumping waste there?  Is that all there is to us?  Don't we want to be remember for something new?  As the society which reinvented "invention" and fixed it all by thinking anew, moving from health care -- to real health across all living systems, in the process?  It's possible and I know people who are creating new programs every day to solve this.  What are your ideas?  What role would you like for yourself and your children?

9.  "Conscious Societies" = "Conscious Technologies."

We've begun trying to create more "conscious" societies, trying to learn from past mistakes. We're still learning.  And there's a lot of opportunity to represent the better part of us -- to the future.

We have now reached a time to create "conscious" technologies -- not robots but technologies created by purposeful, thought-full, compassionate human beings.  Technologies which reflect and prompt more "conscious" societies which use them -- and fairer societies which look at long-term consequences.  Societies that correct past mistakes in large and expansive ways.  Ones that are not self-focused only, not selfish but expansive.  Can we invent things that will make future "conscious" societies truly proud of us?  Can we tell the truth about our society and why we reinvented it?  Is this a book you can write? 

10. New Technology Protocols and The Golden Rule...  Golden Technology...

What we use our technology for matters. (From the Catherine O'Hara quote, "It's not so much how busy you are but why you are busy...")  What are we busy for, with all of our technology?  Creating more consciously "right brain" protocols in our planning and assessment of technology planing could be a first step: Expansiveness. Compassion.  Long-sightedness.  Whole Systems Thinking, Interconnectedness of Living Systems.  Every object and technology affects all living systems and aquifers at some point in its use, discard, or secretion; this is a new kind of "discipline" in a technical society that before has acted without it.

Truly "Golden Technology" may be Technology which is created with the Golden Rule:  Do unto others with technology, what you would have them do unto you.  Includes all living things and living systems of soils, water, and air.  What if our ancestors of 3000 years ago had trashed the planet?  How would we think of them?  What if we in the age of modern industrialization trash the planet irreparably?  How will we be thought of?  Can we "perceive" and "empathize" with future societies?  Will this take training?  Why?....  Will you be the one to create such training? May it be essential training for future Technology Certifications?

11. Our Responsibility for the Best Societies of the Future: "Mirror, Mirror on the Wall"

In each generation, through our choices, we are creating new (or limiting all) opportunities for societies decades hence, centuries hence, millennia hence.  We cannot create responsible technologies with a mind that is not able to "vision" its own responsibility for societies of the future.  We are not our technology.  But it does reflect us. 

We want to see the best reflection of ourselves there, when we say, "Mirror, Mirror on the Wall." What do you think that vision should be?  Start writing it down.  Somebody will.  It might as well be you!

12.  Our Greatest Opportunity Is to Rethink...not Rehash Lamentations

To rethink and recast each of our technologies and understand how they interlock with living systems which support us as we support them -- such that they reflect our greater intelligence and our best selves; to include emotion and passion, good heartedness, expansiveness, empathy, compassion, love, fairness, honesty, integrity, without fraud -- with thriving instead of greed as a driver, with healthiness, trustworthiness, affirmation, common-ground thinking, long-view impact thinking, consequential thinking as the drivers, foundational in the starting line and the finishing line of all products, processes of science and technology; to rethink who we are... 

To consider that our value lies beyond what technology we have managed to accumulate, perhaps even just for status (but then toss into dumpsters in a few months, outmoded) consider that our value lies beyond mistakes with nuclear energy, toxic destructive chemicals and pesticides and medicines we used to think were okay...While some think a few of these are not correctable, my sense is that anything is transformable with transformed mind and multidimensional intelligence and compassion.  Anything.

13. Time to Redefine Innovation according to Its Effects

These are the principles which may be central in our new opportunity. When we forget them, when we leave them out of our best intentions for technology and science, we've forgotten our own value...

We do not have to complain about technologies or pollution or entertainment or surveillance or weapons or gadgetry that we do not like.  We are perfectly capable of quantum leaps of thought to create corrective and compassionate technologies and redefine "innovation."  Innovation is not innovation, which jeopardizes the continuation of life systems, species, and the health of all of human and living society.  That is not innovation.  That is something else.  It is time to redefine what innovation might be, when we are at our human best...  That might be the most important career for anyone in future societies, redefining innovation altogether.  How would you go about creating such a career?

14. Humanology...The "Ology" of the Future.  Higher Levels of Human Intelligence and Multidimensional Non-Local Mind...


Now is the time to be consciously, responsibly creative with, in author Dan Pink's words, "A Whole New Mind." Accessing our long-view higher intelligence can cause us to aspire to integrity in our creativity and higher standards of responsibility, morality, and honor in our innovation:  Above all it is that intelligence which honors the future as it learns from its past.  And from it will come new societies as well as new ways to use or not use technology as we find better natural life systems alternatives. Perhaps that needs a new name... Perhaps humanology.

Through rethinking and recreating our technology at higher levels of intelligence-- we will rethink and recreate our societies at higher levels of intelligence.  

Might there be careers in "Humanology"?  What does that look like?  Stay tuned.  In a way, Right Brain Aerobics was created as a kind of "humanology" company, to train and reveal higher multidimensional and supersensory awareness skills that are far beyond our current thinking - for practical daily applications as we redefine work and life.  

What human consciousness -- extended far beyond studies of neuroscience and the brain or even the heart and body -- truly is, is so vast that we cannot conceive in these terms and that's why it may be the greatest new discipline of all.  Right Brain + Left Brain does NOT = Whole Brain.  It yields something much more than that -- something new.  And the first time, in my 60's, when I began to discover what it really might be -- it not only blew my mind, it began a new career, made me forget all about 1's and 0's technologies (though I was fond of the idea of "Fuzzy Logic" technologies) -- and I began to grow a new love for human potential that was staggering.  It still staggers me every day.  We will not, and cannot be limited by old paradigm technology.  It's not who we are.  We are discoverers.  And we are not here just to create gadgets or weaponry.

Stay tuned.  After my shock (as a former devotee of all technology, science, and the singularity):  This is NOT going to turn out like we thought it was.  We are not technology and we can't be defined by neurons.  We can't be limited by ideas that travel in space or time can only be via current linear technology. We have big surprises coming. Einstein's "entanglement" mystery is very much related to "Humanology."  I wish I had decades more to study this.  Wait!  Never underestimate the power of human creative to create New Health decades more for all of us...  (There's going to be that, too.)

What was Einstein contemplating later in life?  Constantly thinking about it, wanting to know?   He asked young physicists: What are you finding out about "spooky action at a distance" in your research?  That was his overriding question to the young physicists who wrote "Quantum Enigma: Physics Discovers Consciousness"by Bruce Rosenblum and Fred Kuttner...  "Spooky Action at a Distance." It's what Einstein cared to talk about. Stay tuned.  We may all be talking about it soon. We haven't even started on the "Humanology" career track yet...

Question:  If you were a "Humanologist" and wanted to create a new unique career track for yourself, what would you do Monday morning?...  Get out your pad an pen.

Yes.  Pad and pen.  Right brain information comes in more directly and in bigger pictures and more creative connections using them.  But until we have new greener paper solutions, every time you buy paper or a book, plant a tree!  You can plant trees easily and daily! (multipurpose land saving trees) -- at Marc Ian Barasch's wonderful Green World Campaign initiative -- an amazing new effort he's creating, after his book helped to inspire the "I AM: The Shift Is about to Hit the Fan" documentary). Tree planting is very good for the right brain...  Marc is a colleague of some on Whidbey Island -- Bravo to Marc for creating truly New Mind initiatives and reinventing new jobs of thought-fullness...
Let's get reinventing...

Sandra H. Rodman

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