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It's Not about Left Brain / Right Brain Labels But Rapid Development of Multidimensional Intelligence

By Sandra H. Rodman
CEO, Right Brain Aerobics
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In Right Brain Aerobics sessions, accountants and physicists were stars. Often the individual who begins a class by saying: "I'm not right brain..." -- comes up with the mind-bending concept-of-the-day. Managers and producers who do not pull for new ideas from everyone (ignoring right brain and left brain labels), who assume that creative insight and intuitive genius are everywhere, can accelerate unexpected results. They can retain teams of inspired thinkers by assuming they're everywhere!  And of any age.

For example: A graduate student in Anthropology, not senior medical researchers, did a study leading to the following paradigm-busting finding (which should, but is likely not to, change our whole view of health care and sustainability):

"A new study led by Amanda Mummert, a graduate student of anthropology at Emory University...published by the journal Economics and Human Biology on June 15, 2011, has reiterated previous work that shows the development of agriculture 10,000 years ago produced a worldwide decline in height and health. 

Applying long-term right brain thinking:  But what does it mean??  Should we give up agriculture to solve health, longevity?  Should we ignore Amada's study?  A problem 10,000 years in the making.  Where was our right brain – our intuitivon?  The convenience of agriculture and the civilizations grown based on agriculture ARE MAKING US SICK, SHORTER, AND LESS LONG-LIVED.  Do we care?

Project out 100,000 years (a left brain task) -- where will we be?  We can count years in left brain terms -- but it's going to take some right brain, collaborative, empathetic, compassionate, seriously out of the box thinking to solve for X on this one.  Hmm… Would we need medicine if we didn’t have agriculture? What’s the trade off?  What happens if human life spans continue dwindling?  And there is escalating dependence on vast industrialized agriculture using chemicals shown in some instances to harm human and animal life?  There’s an end point.  Of our own doing. 

Which brain is going to wrap itself around that? We have become increasingly left brain over time. But we need right brain thinking -- long-range big-picture concepts to look at long-range big picture problems we've gotten ourselves into with small local time one-quarter thinking.  We don't need to go to just go to a painting class (though that's a fabulous start and way better than staring at a 3" square screen all day in one position when you've got to think millennial thoughts and develop compassion for future citizens of Earth 10,000 A.D.)

Is there an alternative to agricultural societies? What good is a scientific study that stretches back 10,000 years to find a golden nugget of information -- that could save us -- if we can't stretch our imaginations 10,000 years into the future to figure out how solve it over time!  In our great numbers, have we lost the compassion, the right brain empathetic connections that make us care for our descendants in new millenia -- compassion that propels us to cooperative society.  If we don't care, at what point do we cease being human society? What people ignore such information, now found – but do nothing?  What is that mind?

Are there more solutions for future generations in our right compassion-empathy brainpower as there are  technology gadgets?  Are there more solutions that we can possibly imagine, not less?  There is a time line in which there is more than one such solution.  But it does not help if we cannot "see" it.  Was agriculture just the first "gadget" that got us into more trouble than we may be able to handle and we're just seeing it now?  What else are we not seeing?

Or should we ask a 10-year old?  Don't laugh. In 2012, a teenager solved a centuries old math problem posed by Newton. A 10-year-old girl created a new molecule in 2012.  Given opportunity and an open mind, the sky is the limit -- time to open doors to new ideas from every mind if we're to nurture and sustain life on planet Earth.

That's not just a new kind of Mind. 
That's a new kind of Business. 
A new kind of Science.

We ARE long-thinking, vast envisioning beings but we are not building that ability for brain/mind/intuitive super-intelligence and compassion. Will we last longer than Dinosaurs did?  Or be a blip on the timeline of a spectacularly complex and rich, well-situated life-system planet extravaganza that we're botching up daily? Not on purpose but because we can't "see" using one-brain-focus. We need both “brains” on this one.  We got ourselves into this -- so it is highly likely that we can get ourselves out of it.  It may be the adventure of all adventures.  We may not be the ones who solve it...

But wouldn't it be really cool if we did!  If we suddenly devoted ourselves to developing “millennial" or "aeonic"  higher intelligence, expanded identity and compassion, quantum mind -- if we were the ones who save everything...?  Can we wrap our brains around THAT?

The next time you get into a discussion with 10 year old, ask her about our long term future. In general, most cosmic level discussions with 10 year olds are really outstanding right brain training...  For us, not the 10 year old...  They still have highly functioning right brain high concept perception.

"There are children playing in the streets who could solve some of my top problems in physics, because they have modes of sensory perception that I lost long ago."
-- J. Robert Oppenheimer

Right Brain Tips

1. If you're a Leader and want  to retain and excite more creative teams, don't divide people into right brain / left brain labels – or ask only a few senios executives for ideas.  Ask whole groups at different levels.  Find ways to "pull for" and train multidimensional intelligence.  Increase your ROMI  (Return on Mental Investment) across teams.
2. Review your top 3 projects -- in career or personal life -- and think VERY long term.  See what creative ideas come when you think in terms of multiple generations or the responses of Next Gen thinkers...

-- Sandra H. Rodman

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"Research shows that you begin learning in the womb and go right on learning until the moment you pass on.  Your brain has a capability for learning that is virtually limitless, which makes every human a potential genius.” – Michael J. Gelb.

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