Wednesday, June 27, 2012 the Coming Age of the Right Brain

By Sandra H. Rodman
CEO, Right Brain Aerobics
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Welcome!  A Revolution in thinking and perception is at hand.  We're not Computers!

What surprised me was that 
a. you could begin such a profoundly different way of using the brain at any age
b. and that there was such a depth of the difference when applying it to business or career.
There is more here than meets the eye.

"You must either modify your dreams or magnify your skills." -- Jim Rohn

Real Expansion of Practical Right Brain Ability Changes Everything... 


The significant increase in my right brain exercise and the resulting create "output" (some seemed truly "impossible" to me) -- was shocking!  Yet my career for decades WAS based on my innovative ideas, creativity, and strategic thinking. Yeah, this is different.  This is a WHOLE OTHER brain/mind -- I just didn't know it was resident and natural with practice and with more:  APPLICATION TO WORK!  Applying the right brain to work using modern right brain exercises/techniques stretches it's ability further all the time!  Who knew.

Using the right brain at work changes everything -- but without modern language/business focused practices it was hard to do part of what I did was to translate and adapt for work these amazing that the new brain practice/perception could slips seemlessly into greater ways of achieving as part of regular corporate or organizational landscapes.   

Right Brain Activation Sparks Left Brain: Innate Human Capacity Just Unpracticed

You can expand it though practice and application and particularly what I call group "right brainstorming" -- even brainstorming with yourself.  Called "CEO/Inner Genius Q&A" in Right Brain Express.  This is a game changer.  I just didn't plan to have my game changed in my 60's -- nothing ever made work so exciting before, .  And the exercises and techniques keep expanding with the added genius of every new graduate! 

Stereo-Braining at Sixty...


Even as an innovator -- I simply had no idea what was in store for me when I began spending deeper time time exercising the higher levels of mental/consciousness/right brain activity using SOUND (sound in every industry will play an increasingly major role -- hide and watch...) and then creating new techniques in "alpha" brain state or deeper.  It really began to feel like I had a new "assistant" or literally two brains to apply for two different kinds of looks at any problem or situation.  Then integrating and synthesizing, I realized this was leading to a kind of "multi-dimensional" intelligence that we miss with lower levels of focus on both left and right brain ability.  This is so intriguing and increasingly exciting to me (and even more so as I get to benefit from the brilliance and insight of every new graduate!!) that I realized it is cumulative, and a whole new "gear" for work. 

Wouldn't You Like a Whole New Gear at Work? 


After decades in both non-profit cutting-edge programs and Fortune 500 technology innovation (click here for some of that story)  -- I began to realize that this revolution was going to alter business and communication as concepts. And it was going to affect day-to-day language and practical work. People are NOT going to use their brain/mind/heart fields in the same way!  (Check out HeartMath Institute and you'll see that the heart actually registers the first activity when an event happens -- non-linear emotion first, not the other way around -- and that's then passed along to the brain. Change the textbooks.  Change the playing field!)

I can't even conceive working in business without these right brain techniques or understanding the differences in left brain/right brain "planes" of thought.  An excited right brain may be one of our greatest human gifts, but we've almost let the right brain -- the visionary "ah hah" brain -- atrophy.  And turned over thinking -- and business -- and even parenting and relationships -- to computers. 

We're Not Computers

We're not computers and we're not going to become computers -- so best to stop trying to act like them and use them as "baby sitters.".  (See research article noted, 2nd column, RBA Home Page -- on 80% drop in human creative mental acumen since 1944 -- partly to do with computers.)  (Or see Mars Needs Moms)... Cutting edge scientists and biologists like Rupert Sheldrake, Ph.D., Cambridge, are questioning whether the mind is even in the brain!  That's for a later blog.  Rest assured, highly creative right brain science (just a metaphor) is just as exciting as quantum physics which changes weekly!  If we're in new debates about where the mind is located (when we thought that was decided centuries ago) - that's just the tip of the iceberg.  Everything is up for debate!  Including a 2012 publication of a paper by Eric Andrulis, Case Western Reserve University, based on his RNA research and new discoveries, that all aspects of the universe are in fact, in a certain construct, understandable as alive. "Theory of the Origin, Evolution, and Nature of Live," published in the peer-reviewed journal,  "Life"  Dec., 2011. 

Time to Rethink Everything!


And for that, we need a new brain.   Or better, perhaps we should redefine what "brain" means.  The word "brain" is actually a metaphor for our mind/consciousness (as "right brain" and "left brain" which are just convenient labels for traits).  Some scientists say reality is a holographic illusion and the brain simply a tuner -- or that the whole body is the brain.  But thousands of years of human experience have given us glimpses that we have truly superhuman and supersensory ability, intelligence, perception -- from telepathy and savant right brain perception of math to teleportation, levitation, time travel, bilocation -- and breathtaking genius insight...stretching back thousands of years in every culture. 

What's Been Missing: Modern Language Career-Oriented Applications


Without mainstream, modern language applications to use, develop, and understand our supersensory ability (remember, the 4 minute mile was considered impossible until someone ran one!) -- then we lose it.  And amazing adventures that come with its exploration!  I am astounded in each class by people who began by saying, "I'm not very right brain" -- just before they soar into new discoveries that amaze us all.

No technology required -- no lab experiments, no drugs needed.  You've got the lab and the experiment with you all the time.  Your brain/mind/consciousness is sometimes called one brain, two minds; interesting video.  Finally activating the so called "metaphoric" right brain which has been dormant, they form something new.  But you have to use and exercise it!  And that's what I learned.  And it's what Right Brain Aerobics is for.  Easy exercises and techniques to wake up and "Take the Oh-Wow Brain to Work!" 

Use It or Lose It!  Like Going to the Gym for Your Right Brain - Whole Brain! 


Welcome to Right Brain Aerobics and Right Brain Blogs...  Where we will propose both simple tips and mind-stretching vast-range as well as long-range concepts and dialogue.  I'm delighted to have a Blog -- many new concepts, some truly mind-beding, come with continuing right brain "voyages of discovery," for me an Right Brain Aerobics graduates...but have not had an outlet to share and develop.  This is a platform to do that. 

Time to shift into a new dimension.  

-- Sandra H. Rodman

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