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Twitter "Show & Tell": Right Brain Business/Education Exploring

8-22-12 by Sandra H. Rodman
This iTwitter show-and-tell features Tweets about: Peter Diamondis ("X Prize" Space Activist,) Marc Barasch (, Dr. Eric Andrulis (new paper on the origins of life in the universe), meme/idea surfing through Amazon, UNESCO--60 million children needing education), and B. Stoller's great cartoon in the New Yorker: "The check is in the Cloud..." and more..
Okay, Twitter is still exciting for me as an educational, brain sparking, business sparking tool, even after a couple of months. Have discovered SUCH creative people and global efforts, which pop up daily upon increasing the # of innovative, creative, compassionate tweeters I follow...

From the July Tweetbook

Tweets are only 140 characters – but there’s an idea in here somewhere – or a new organization/site/meme to have a relationship with -- that can change your life.  Read ‘em in chronological order.

@SHRodman Tweet: Recommend: Use Amazon to #Meme-Surf Books - #innovation. ❝Learning is a treasure that will follow its owner everywhere.❞ ‒ Chinese Proverb 

[Or: Use Books or Movies to "Meme-Surf" or Idea Surf as a right brain "stimulation and education" exercise.  Put in key words you like and you'll be amazed at what pops up -- or search weird combinations of words. Note books and authors that you may never have seen before, suggesting new ideas/groups to investigate, even new marketing networks.]

7-12-12 - 2 Related Tweets

Tweet: @MarcBarasch Great presentation for at Vicki Robin’s in April. Every time we buy books, we should be planting trees! 
Tweet: Plant a tree online every time you buy a book! Cudos @MarcBarasch for Marc helped inspire Tom Shadyac's #@IAMthefilm! 

[Or:  If we use resources more than anywhere else -- we should plant more resources than any other region.  Marc Barasch (who was in and helped inspire the "I AM: The Shift Is about to Hit the Fan" documentary by Tom Shadyac which was featured on Oprah) -- has personally created, an amazing, affirmative, effective way for us to plant trees every day, big multipupose trees that revitalize desert land for agriforestry and life.  

He created it because he wanted to be "on the ground" personally with a global community tree planting effort that could really make a difference. Do this this every time you buy a new book or paper or wooden things or houses! -- plant trees. $5 = plant 5 of these ancient (and potentially giant) Multipupose Trees go into the ground and change lives, lands, ecosystems -- benefit those in Africa whose ancient knowledge led to energizing this strategy and who are the ones who benefit from the new trees and land. Giving excites the right brain...]
7-13-12 - 2 Related Tweets

Tweet: "It's Alive!" Press on #Eric Andrulis' (molecular biologist) new Theory of Life Origins. We need bigger right brains.

Tweet: Dr. Eric Andrulis' abstract on a new Theory of Life that changes everything. Hard work getting breakthrough published.  

 [I've profied this before -- and think it's worth a re-think.  New, brave work by Dr. Eric Andrulis, molecular biologist at Case Western Reserve University. This is more mainstream press about Eric's breakthrough research/idea, essentailly, that: Everything you see in the universe is alive; this is defined in a particular way by this RNA researcher with a new look at the structure of the universe that could change both physics and metaphysics.]


Tweet: Tech Creativity where it Counts: Create Jobs! #@PeterDiamandis -"X Prize" Award for Job Creation, as was done for private Space Travel. 

[ See Peter Diamondis on TED Speakers.  Peter Diamondis is a Space Activist -- and now he's looking at creating an "X Prize" for creating JOBS...: "Peter Diamandis runs the X Prize Foundation, which offers large cash incentive prizes to inventors who can solve grand challenges like space flight, low-cost mobile medical diagnostics and oil spill cleanup. He is the chair of Singularity University, which teaches executives and grad students about exponentially growing technologies." -- TED talks. A Tweet promping you to check out more about an individual can open whole new vistas of innovative thinking.]

7-15-12 - 2 Tweets

Tweet: "Don't change your organization -- until you change your mind." -- S.H. Rodman.  

[Companies start changing people, structure in response to global change -- and only THEN do offsites and big brainstorming about how to best creatively strategize.  We should be doing this "right brain-storming" and "right brain training" BEFORE WE CHANGE AN ORGANIZATION OR RESTRUCTURE. Try something new.  Can Right Brain Aerobics techniques be used for better hiring and organizational restructuring memes? Yes.]

Tweet: “The check is in the cloud...” B. Smaller Cartoon in the @NewYorker. Really big File 13? All of the records of civilization in one place?

 [Loved this cartoon.  Time to start thinking "Library at Alexandria"?  Another cartoon idea... An Extraterrestrial Civilization wants to land and talk -- but all of our stuff is "in the cloud" and we lost it and have nothing to say. "Sorry, the Cloud is down."  This one cartoon sparks a whole new blog!]


Tweet: 60 Million without Education? (UNESCO). What are we thinking? We're all responsible to take time to fix it now. It's "All in the Family.." 

[Click this search link for many sites/PDFs showing the number of children without education in the 60-70 million range globally.  But these documents show a lot more.  This is the human family and we're part of it.  So all 60 million children are in our family -- "Our Town."  We need to understand how we've personally contributed to that by what we chose or ignore -- and how we can personally contribute to changing it in the same way.  With a transformed worldview.  

All children must have "food for the mind" as well as "food for the heart" and "food for the body." This is us; we're the ones who must make sure this is done, and we have a shor fall of millions.  Lots to do and lots of creative minds needed to do it.  Just one of these children now out of school -- might be the child who creates a solution that saves planetary life systems.  Perhaps one is another Einstein, or Marion Wright Edelman or Eric Andrulis. How would we answer someone if they asked us about how we educate our children -- and they learned that 60 million children are without any education at all?  

Might they not say:  "WHAT WERE YOU THINKING?"...]
Time to think anew as if the buck stops here.  On 7 billion doorsteps...

Sandra H. Rodman

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