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10 Things You CAN Take with You! Compassionate Innovation in a New Era...?

December 29, 2012
by Sandra H. Rodman, CEO, Right Brain Aerobics
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10 Things You CAN Take With You: 

The best Innovations, I would think, would be those you can "take with you." In a good way.  You know what these are because you get a "6th sense" that these acts would pass muster with anybody you ever knew who cared about you and wanted to see you succeed as the best person you can be.  You feel a "good" you can take with you.  And others feel it, too.  This is my first 10-Things-You-CAN-Take-With-You Checklist.  I suspect this Checklist may change my Right Brain Aerobics work more than I bargained for. Give it a try... :)

Planting Seeds of Innovative Expansiveness: A New Year's Resolution

We can innovate to make a dollar--or innovate to plant seeds of expansive innovation. The kind of seeds that count before, during, and after life.  First, see "Cloud Atlas" the movie--paints a compelling picture, regardless of your beliefs, of the ripple effects of every SINGLE kind and unkind deed across the world and across time.  We're banking things.  We just have to be more aware of what we're banking.  This may be a new opportunity. And a new kind of New Year's Resolution...

Making Doing-the-Right-Thing Investments:

These might be new kinds of investments, too, that also count as Pay-It-Forward. They likely pay triple interest (your past, your present, your future legacy).  They are always passed on.  There are no inheritance taxes. They don't wind up in landfills.  They are easy to carry. You carry the memory of every time you Did-the-Right-Thing with you into every room and every moment you enter.  (The opposite is true, but don't worry about that.  You're a fantastic human being and a creative genius -- just focus on the Things You Did Right Today that you can take with you. It's amazing what that can do for innovative thinking.)

Things You CAN Take With You Checklists
This is, I suspect, just common sense good business. But it helps me to remember that our "business" effectiveness vibrations may have started long before this current role/life--and may carry forward far into the next role/life (depending on your beliefs.) And may have little to do with business!

Why shouldn't the Things-You-CAN-Take-It-With-You-Checklist be the first one we review daily?  How can we do more that COUNTS?  Do we make mistakes while innovating (like DDT, air pollution, CO2, landfill planet) because we don't begin the day thinking about Things-You-CAN-Take-With-You?  Impossible Things we could do to make the world better? Why are THOSE our after thoughts? And making more dollars today our first thoughts? We all do this. Could we change it by simply focusing first every day on what we'd like to take with us?

Oops -- sometimes I forget that we unfortunately take the thoughtless, selfish, polluting, insulting, careless, judgmental responses to anxiety and fear with us, too.  We can do better though. The Things-You-Can-Take-With-You Checklist reminds you that you can start consciously banking really USEFUL HELPFUL things-to-do like a futures list. Like an eternal, sustainable 401k benefit that others can get benefit from, too. Apparently the smallest good deeds and their impact can survive forever--so maybe that's what we should focus on.  How, really, can we justify focusing on anything else? Forever is a very long time... 

A New "Bank" Account

I was thinking about marketers who tell us to do lots of "give aways" and I wondered: Well, what are some "give aways" that could REALLY count? And what is REAL value? Are our greatest memories of getting big checks and cash and stuff?  Really? If not, why do we want to focus our "vibrational intentions" on that? Maybe we got side tracked.  Or hijacked... :)

If it's great friendships and meaning in life, getting great "lessons learned" in unique shared experiences, getting to play different roles for different people, getting great wisdom and getting loved, giving our absolute very best, loving our absolute very best--maybe we need to focus on that?  #'s of people helped, #'s of great lessons learned, #'s of people loved instead of #'s of dollars, #'s of houses, boats, or cars?  What exactly CAN we take with us? Maybe all of it has value--sailing on a boat on the sea can be a spiritual experience of revelation and learning.  But we really do know the difference between enjoying an expensive boat--and making a profound difference in the world, in someone's life.  We really do know the difference between what's giving a little and what's giving a lot--for us.  We really do know what a real moment of value is--often a contribution that no one else knows about. Or honoring an individual who expects no honor and doesn't live to be honored; but is the greatest person we know...

Manifesting in the 5th Dimension: Your Ideal Business Coach

Maybe "Manifesting" in the 5th Dimension doesn't have anything to do with traditional wealth as we define it (if anything resembling currency still exists in 100 years).  What are the real measures of Value?  Of valuable wisdom? Maybe we need to rethink what is "successful" -- using new yardsticks. Certainly "success" has been differently defined in every traditional culture for eons.

If you had one choice to meet with your ideal business coach from any era, would it be a popular Billionaire CEO? Or Mohandas K. Gandhi?  Martin Luther King? Abraham Lincoln? Mother Theresa? The Dalai Lama? Harriet Tubman? Confucius? Kwan Yin? Who do we want to emulate? The fact that we hesitate for a minute on that tells us where we are. If we don't think our spiritual and ethical heroes would be good business coaches, maybe we ought to rethink the business we're in???

Maybe there are new kinds of business success waiting to transform us with less anxiety, much love, and greater joy.  Maybe they'll have some struggle if we're really going to transform our world--but maybe we'll learn a lot from it.  But maybe we could be in a business that we would be REALLY REALLY PROUD TO TAKE WITH US!  What is "business" in different dimensions?  In future times and compassionate worlds?  Maybe we should realign our "start ups" with our ethical and spiritual goals, with our compassions as well as our passions--and see where that leads us?... Is there any technology at all in the 5th Dimension? In an Afterlife, if we believe in one? So why are we so focused on it? What does it mean to be a good "human being" in a technology immersed world?

We have an opportunity to create a different kind of world based on revelations that come from that moment of hesitation.  Who would we rather have lunch with?  What if Doing the Right Thing and the Golden Rule became the new measures of success in a new time? Could we measure up? If that is our human future, what is to be our personal role in its creation?

 (Brain scientists and doctors Jill Bolte Taylor and Harvard neurosurgeon Eben Alexander [Proof of Heaven: A Neurosurgeon's Journey into the Afterlife] had to rethink all of this when they experienced personally a profoundly unexpected "future" in life-threatening or near-death experiences. Inspiring their wisdom about who we really are and what we can take with us, who we could become in the future--changed when they experienced it first hand. It's hard to think about your business in the same way if you read these.  It's impossible to think about your business in the same way if you read psychologist Dr. Michael Newton's book of collected patient interviews from "Journey of Souls: Case Studies of Life between Lives"...)

These simple choices, taking small action daily may be exactly how we create a planet we like or don't like; a personhood we're proud of or not proud of; a legacy we CAN take with us.

"Live so that when your children think of fairness and integrity, they think of you..."  -- H. Jackson Brown, Jr. 

So here are the 10 Things that I started with -- and getting myself out and about to do several yesterday changed the day, the meetings, and how I felt about the New Year!  More to come.

10 Things You CAN Take With You  
(from @SHRodman 12-28-12)

1. Things You CAN Take With You: Hug a lot of Children. Often. Bank your Hugs!  Wakes up your Heart, changes your Goals.

2. Things You CAN Take With You: Find someone who needs help, affirm them, help them. Good for business, good for health, good for karma.

3. Things You CAN Take With You: Add up all the people you love that you said "I Love You" to this week.  Increase # weekly.

4. Things You CAN Take With You: Tweet once a day about someone who's doing something you like--unexpectedly, no expectation. Mean it. Bank it.

5. Things You CAN Take With You: Tree planting & tree hugging.  Good for the Planet, good for your soul.

6. Things You CAN Take With You: Promote somebody ELSE's business project for no reason. Surprise them. Care about their happiness.

7. Things You CAN Take With You: Walking & talking with a friend & brainstorm business while walking. "Walk the Talk" @WeWalktheTalk

8. Things You CAN Take With You: Treat those we sell to like Family.  This Family will take care of us as well as we take care of them.  Bank on it.

9. Things You CAN Take With You: Find a way this week to help children learn value & creativity--without a single gadget involved.  Gold Star...

10. Things You CAN Take With You: Focus on what you CAN take with you daily, not just $ in the bank & # gadgets in the bag.  Live many enriched lives...

I'm setting a New Year's Goal to try to do some every day. Any thoughts? Who would be your ideal business coach for a new future and why?

Wishing you many blessings and expansive innovations in the New Year,


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