Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Right Brain Aerobics: For the ITSMF Creativity & Innovation Learning Portal

September, 2013

Sandra H. Rodman, CEO
Right Brain Aerobics

A milestone in our work to develop right brain creative-intuitive-innovative training programs for business, education, and personal development!

Right Brain Aerobics is proud to announce that our Training Modules will now be available nationally and internationally via TeleClasses as part of the Information Technology Senior Management Forum's  (ITSMF) Creativity & Innovation Learning Portal" with partners GP Strategies (GPX), ITSMF, RBA, and Gallagher Management Company.

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Right Brain Tips: 3 Rules for Creative Decision-Making to Change Life & Career

July 21, 2013

Sandra H. Rodman
CEO, Right Brain Aerobics

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"It does not take much strength to do things, 
but it requires a great deal of strength to decide what to do."

-- Elbert Green Hubbard

It is with the mind that we choose, and our daily choices create the life and career that we subliminally desire as well as the planet's physical and mental environments. Can we change this with deeper creative deliberations for really tough decisions? Ones where you need to "play Solomon," so daunting are the choices? Three things to consider that might increase our creative awareness of the impact on others of every personal decision, how life and career might shift as we become more expansive, look for new viewpoints in the decision-making process:

1. Golden Rule. Take a problem, any problem.  Solve it by applying the Golden Rule.  "Do unto others that which you would have them do unto you." (I also start with Right Brain Start Up exercise, which puts me more in a "Golden Rule" frame of mind.)

a. First: Affirm. List/write down (pen and paper NOT electronics) as many affirmative things as you can think of about a) you, b) the person(s) who'll be affected. The challenger or the situation.  Find "the gift" of potential lessons as you face the situation.  Next:

Monday, April 15, 2013

3 Lessons: How We May Impede Kids from Healthier Creative Minds--& What We Can Do About It.


Sandra H. Rodman, CEO, Right Brain Aerobics
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I researched this connection between sitting and technology-centered society / health to gain  insight for taking right brain training into educational environments--and came away adding hourly walking breaks to my own schedule, more plants in my environment--so obvious was the research on what happens with hours of sitting in stale air & tech/screen-focused environments.  I decided meditation, eating organic and exercising once a day isn't enough. No need to think about why we're growing more obese and unhealthy--seeking to have more creative mental skills:

"The Major Health Risk You Take Every Day": Sitting. And what can we do to reverse this now for our children?

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

5 Creative Reasons to Stop What You're Doing Right Now!

March 12, 2012
Sandra H. Rodman, CEO, Right Brain Aerobics

Reason #1: Your Creative-Intuitive-Imaginative Right Brain Is Waiting to Report Out Creative Insight But You Never Let It On The Calendar.  How do you pick up the "download"?  How do you creatively convert it into action and insight?

Stop. Pick up pen and piece of paper. Take a deep breath.  Get a sip of water. Then do nothing for 5 minutes but listen. In silence. No background anything. No looking at a screen. Time it. Then sketch, draw, doodle whatever "out of the blue" powerful right brain symbol "cues" and ideas "pop up" ready for download. Information is always processing creatively but is useless uninterpreted data. Until you spend even 5 minutes in silence. Get ready. One reason amazing ideas pop up in showers, when waiting for planes (if you're not online): Time is available for more alpha "ah hah" mind state to get your attention.  How do you convert it into information?  You'll see:  Pick the most "out of the blue" crazy symbol or idea that popped up in those 5 minutes and pretend you have an assignment to turn it into a new strategy or insight. Here's why that's important -- and an example of how you might do it:

Sunday, February 24, 2013

3 Right Brain Learning Tips: Doodle, Color, & Grow Wiser.

February 24, 2013
Sandra H. Rodman, CEO, Right Brain Aerobics
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Photo Courtesy MayaHennessey.com
Learning + Creativity = Something that's new -- beyond our usual cognition, reinforces memory, provides new "anchors," prompts new analysis of new things.

Fundamentally, Right Brain Aerobics is "mental techniques," and those very techniques cause more "new techniques" to pop up too.  In college, I can't remember a "Mental Techniques 101" course yet that's what we needed! At 70, it's needed more!  Now I'm trying to do "deep dive" learning into new social media and blogweb techniques -- but if there are 10 new programs/apps a week to enjoy your Twitter experience more, there are at 100!  So I decided to just USE these Right Brain techniques to learn them and discovered that other wisdom started sprouting from the right brain. New things like TweetDeck, Lost at EMinor and 12Ahead were entering my mindscape beyond learning--and I was having fun! For your "adventures in learning" try:

3 Right Brain Ways to Learn Something New & Not Go Ughhh!

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Teaching Impossible Things: A Right Brainy Kind of Day...

Dr. Craig Weiner, D.C.
Right Brain Aerobics Certified Trainer

This week I had a wonderful Right Brainy kind of day. Teaching Right Brain Aerobics for Left Brained Folks was a fabulous gathering of individuals who each came for their own specific reasons for wanting to learn how to think more creatively. Before teaching the characteristics of a right brained orientation, each student responded to the inquiry of what qualities they experience when doing the activities that bring them the greatest joy.

Their responses defined a right-brain-activated state of mind. One spoke of feeling like she was "in the flow" when doing her quilting; a kindergarten teacher shared her passion for teaching children "outside the box" and beyond the prescribed curriculum; a social worker beamed as she described the serenity that she benefitted from when getting her hands in the soil while gardening, and another lost herself while listening to her favorite music.