Sunday, February 3, 2013

Teaching Impossible Things: A Right Brainy Kind of Day...

Dr. Craig Weiner, D.C.
Right Brain Aerobics Certified Trainer

This week I had a wonderful Right Brainy kind of day. Teaching Right Brain Aerobics for Left Brained Folks was a fabulous gathering of individuals who each came for their own specific reasons for wanting to learn how to think more creatively. Before teaching the characteristics of a right brained orientation, each student responded to the inquiry of what qualities they experience when doing the activities that bring them the greatest joy.

Their responses defined a right-brain-activated state of mind. One spoke of feeling like she was "in the flow" when doing her quilting; a kindergarten teacher shared her passion for teaching children "outside the box" and beyond the prescribed curriculum; a social worker beamed as she described the serenity that she benefitted from when getting her hands in the soil while gardening, and another lost herself while listening to her favorite music.

We all intuitively know our right brain states; they are so commonly tied to those activities that give us the greatest sense of joy and heartfelt connection. It is not that we cannot derive great pride and satisfaction with left brain driven activities, they are just less frequently tied to the joys that make the heart sing.

Teaching Right Brain Aerobics for me is all about empowerment and inspiration. It is my intention that each person that leaves a workshop can go home that night and have an imprinted brain and body memory of how to do their Right Brain Start Up exercise. They should be able to easily resource moments from the class that distinctly recall a sense of peace and at-easeness that returns to them as soon as they begin their 3 movements, 3 sips of water, and 3 breaths.

The brain learns through the laws of repetition and association, so each time I teach, we repeat the exercises and entrain our minds and hearts to recall what was learned that day, so that the information is more deeply embedded than extrinsic short-term memory information that dissipates soon after it is heard.

When students begin to see as possible, that which was only an hour before, considered to be an "impossible thing", I am convinced that the world needs this work more than it even knows.

Craig Weiner, DC

Director of The Chiropractic Zone Healing Center 
Right Brain Aerobics Certified Trainer and EFT Coach
BlogTalkRadio Host for Change Your Mind! 

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