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Is Innovation in YOUR Mind Only? Or Tapping a Collective Inner Genius?

Innovation is a network of collective inner genius creation which has found its champion. Its sponsor. Its speaker. Its Voice.
Innovation isn't in your mind only -- is it tapping the genius of a "collective unconscious"?... It's only "the new new thing" if it's the "new new thing" to most other people...

Innovation may really be tapping into a "cooperative collective consciousness," an intelligence gestalt which is created together.....

But how we tap that -- is both possible and mysterious...!

The best champions, the heralds of that boundless "inner-networked creativity" coming into socially creative breakthrough forms -- are usually evolving New Minds, too, minds that "see different." And connect us to an advanced stage of this "inner cosmic networking" that later appears as Innovation. But -- 

Can we learn to do this?* Are there new mind states to expore?

It may be beyond our study of a technology, data, science, or field with "regular mind" that produces iconic breakthroughs -- it may be quintessentially the higher development of  New Mind (and we can do this every day*) -- which can tap "collective inner genius" ahead of the curve of its appearance in human social life and consciousness networks. Leading others into new territory with a New Voice.

That New Mind is suddenly awakened, it soars anew, it "blooms"! It tends to generate a "burst" of courageous collective energy and just "knows" that everyone else will be just as excited as they are about the "new new thing"!! They can't shut up about it!

The New Mind cannot be quiet until it decodes from inner fires and unleashes the "new new thing" into a human social world waiting for it. Whether it takes 1 year or 10 years -- whether it takes 1 light bulb or 10,000 light bulb tries before one works...
"Nearly every man who develops an idea works it up to the point where it looks impossible, and then he gets discouraged. That's not the place to become discouraged." -- Thomas Alva Edison, who tried 10,000 light bulbs before 1 succeeded... 

Is it, thus, about the light bulb or about developing a New Mind? And a Voice to champion the rights and the story of the emerging creative outburst?
Innovation is a network of collective inner genius creation which has found its champion. Its sponsor. Its speaker. Its Voice. 

Is not Innovation really its Voice?  Imagine Apple's story without the fiery creative Voice of Steve Jobs. Wait. We tried that. We learned there is power in the Voice itself, somehow connected to a exploding collective inner genius and "thinking different" -- seeing ahead of us, what we will become, speaking out for that...

And in the crusade to launch this new discovery from a highly fertile undiscovered networking of "entangled" creative humans, the maturing and nurturing "quantum inner genius fields" of new ideas -- the hero's journey develops simultaneously the New Mind... But was that not the point of the Innovation in the first place?!
In the end, the New Mind is the result of the Innovation as much as the Innovation is the result of the New Mind...
Amelia Earhart. Wikipedia
The most exciting thing in our coming worlds may be learning anew about how New Minds somehow explode from as well as with quantum leaps across unseen collective unconscious genius, beyond mere brains, taking us into unexpected and mysterious new realities!

Will it be about encouraging whole orchards of such New Minds!?  Learning how such New Minds "stir the pot" of an ever-evolving higher creative consciousness breakthrough potential and "tap from the collective inner genius" at just the right instant?

This might be a New Mind that also announces:
On any day -- WE might be that ones who stumble into a higher gestalt creative inner genius field and discover a "new new thing" that changes everything, and most of all, us.
This is the Innovation that is our real work...finding out that all of us can truly fly above on any given day, despite any odds...

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*The Right Brain Aerobics "Inner Genius Q&A," "Doing Impossible Things," "Remote Viewing Solutions to Problems," are processes we can use to tap higher creative intelligence every day to excite this "connecting" with innovative bursts & connecting new dots. And the new "Beyond Cosmic Mind" series...

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