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Treasure Hunt: 5 Steps to Use Failing in Order to Thrive & Creatively Boost Your Career!

Find and cheer the gift, the treasures, the creative potential in
every situation! Photo: iStock

5 Steps -- to Use Failing in Order to Thrive & Creatively Boost Your Career. Make it a Treasure Hunt.

Basic Right Brain Aerobics technique to tap higher creative intelligence & more innovative-intuitive thinking: FIND THE GIFT, the treasure, the core life lesson, in every circumstance, every relationship, every minute!

Think -- find the "creative opportunity" even in what appears at first failure, exercising Creative Higher Intelligence mind states and exercises with sound = tap higher mind.

Everything Is a Success -- in one sense or another! Every situation, every minute, is a University of Lessons. 

If you've had big knocks -- you're in Grad School and may soon get your Ph.D.

These are easy steps -- but powerful steps taught for more than a decade, using alpha mind (intuitive, creative, innovative, meditative) to do to turn things around and energize. Even transform any situation creatively.



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1. Get in Right Brain State (always do this first to creatively harvest ideas/lessons for any problem or new project): Here's an exercise from Right Brain Aerobics for Business:

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AUDIO EXERCISE: Do a Right Brain Start Up for creative ideas (S.H. Rodman) -- you're going into "alpha" hz brain states to access a more creative and appreciative side of your higher intelligence. Close your eyes, have pen, paper, and some water handy. Take about 10-15 minutes. Change your life -- you can use this exercise for any situation. 

The sound playing behind the guided audio exercise is Steve Halpern's Grammy Nominated "Deep Alpha: Brainwave Synchronization -- thanks to Steve for the use! Go buy his MP3 or Album and you can bliss out in the Creative Zone for work & deep meditative-intuitive-creative state, anytime.

Now for the Right Brain Exercise -- just as in a Right Brain Aerobics workshop -- do it and watch new ideas sprout wings... --


Tip: Keep playing the "Deep Alpha" sound track even after the audio exercise -- get the Steve Halpern MP3's or go here for sampling: - (Another deep intuitive music album I like for creative idea generation -- get it and listen here: Stan Stewart, Angles Suite @Mus4now -- and Tristan Bach, Distance album - especially the Tracks with no vocals (no lyrics/linear words)...good for creativity sparking. Starting with Track 2 Northwest Winter...)

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2. Write down a Past "Disappointment" or Low Result or even an illness/problem that knocked you for a loop -- but LATER you saw that your life led to new breakthroughs and relationships and knowledge because of it. USE PAPER AND PEN -- a notebook or even a big sketchpad -- gets you thinking bigger! Draw, doodle, sketch.

KEY:  In the margins, also write or doodle "new ideas" or "symbols" that "pop up" -- use these later for innovating thinking -- they're tips from the creative-intuitive metaphorical right brain! See below.

SECTION 1: Apparent Disappointment or Problem

1. ____________________________________

SECTION 2: Great Opportunities & Creations & Insights that Resulted!!
(My very successful career in Fortune 500 companies was attributable to things I thought previously were problems; accidentally discovering new principles and creating Right Brain Aerobics happened because of serious illness!) Look for the life/career shift gifts.

1. _____________________________________
2. _____________________________________
3. _____________________________________

"I have just three things to teach: simplicity, patience, compassion. These three are your greatest treasures." -- Lao Tzu

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3. Write down and draw/doodle a current Challenge or Problem or Relationship that is frustrating or you feel that you're a "failure" because of it. You'll then creatively intuitive the Gifts, the Treasures!! If you can make "art" of a problem, you can start to see the "art" in a new solution, based on its hidden treasures!

SECTION 1: Challenge, Problem, Relationship or Frustration 

SECTION 2: What are the gifts in it? What is happening in your life that's new because of it -- such as a lot more free time -- a new more empathetic view of those who have problems. What does it make you want to do? Would other people feel that way too, if they had this problem? What does it make you want to do instead? WRITE THESE DOWN.

1. Gift 1___________________________
2. Gift 2 ___________________________
3. Gift 3 ___________________________

Continuing: What are the hidden treasures? The new relationships, new skills that could result?

1. Possible hidden treasures? What doorways might this open, now that you see the gifts in it? ________________________________

2. Possible hidden new relationships? If you're ill or have to be in a different workplace or space, where are the new relationships possible? _____________________________________________

"There are amazingly wonderful people in all walks of life; some familiar to us and others not. Stretch yourself and really get to know people. People are in many ways one of our greatest treasures." -- Bryant H. McGill

3. Possible new skills? Pay special attention to this. If you're not working in a big corporation any more, you may have to learn web/SocialMedia, photography or other skills that later will be key to New Success. ______________________________________


4. Write a Creative Thriving Plan -- based on the gifts, hidden treasures, new relationships, and new skills that could come from your current challenge, disappointment, problem, relationship, that could change your life!

Part A: Review each of the gifts, treasures, relationships, skills you listed above -- and list beside each a new step you could take to turn these into a Thriving Business Plan to go positive, get creative, and move into an Upswing.

Step 1 __________________________________
Step 2 __________________________________
Step 3 __________________________________

Part B: Now write down 6 IMPOSSIBLE THINGS -- or 6 Crazy Ideas -- that you'd like to do based on deeper thinking in this higher creative energy exercise.  Don't forget the crazy symbols or ideas that may have popped up randomly that you doodled on your paper. Can you turn any of those into a new strategy? (Example: Saw a Penguin pop up? Try Penguin Publishers. Saw a Lion? Try MGM Studios or make a movie.)

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Yes: You can make this a TEAM/GROUP EXERCISE! Then allow PLENTY of time for every member to share the creative, innovative, transforming thinking that can result when you work based on: 

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"Develop an interest in life as you see it; the people, things, literature, music - the world is so rich, simply throbbing with rich treasures, beautiful souls and interesting people. Forget yourself." -- Henry Miller, author


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5. Affirm, thank, help someone else to solve their Challenge, Problem, etc.!  This opens up creative higher intelligence like nothing else. 

Through helping another entrepreneur, colleague, friend, family member --- you will find that solutions, creative ideas, and other treasures pop up for your own situation. Your mindset has shifted to "expansive" -- and when you do -- you EXPAND your own creative mind!

"The wise man does not lay up his own treasures. The more he gives to others, the more he has for his own." -- Lao Tzu

S.H. Rodman

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